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Red Carpet Kids New York

Am I a bad mother? Are you a bad mother? Apparently we are ALL bad mothers. Do you work? Leave your kids with a nanny? Wow, you are selfish, how can you hand over your most important job to someone else?? Shame on you. Do you stay home? Did you give up your career? What an awful example you are setting for your children, especially your girls. Why aren’t you leaning in?? Shame on you. Keaton and I were recently quoted and featured in the New York Post and on Fox 5 News about Red […] Continue reading →

Four Seasons Whistler

Where do Pippa Middleton and Luxury Travel Mom love to ski? Vanity Fair asked her, they must not have my number. Anyway, we have the same answer-Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort in beautiful British Columbia. Why? Whistler-Blackcomb hast the most skiable terrain in North America and the second highest vertical drop. Sound too intense for beginners? Au contraire, this family friendly resort has slopes for every skier from the hot dogger to the bunny slopers. Where to stay: The Four Seasons […] Continue reading →

tennis camps for adults

Dying to get out of the cold and work on your tennis game? Smug Californians need not reply. Join me and Tracy Austin April 15-19, 2015 for Curtain Bluff’s Annual Fantasy Tennis Camp Week. Tracy will be joined on the courts by Johan Kriek and Tom Gullikson. Tennis Camps for Adults I recently wrote a story about tennis camps for adults in Greenwich Magazine. I didn’t include Curtain Bluff, it’s so much fun it’s more like a vacation-with world class tennis on the […] Continue reading →


When I first heard that battery heated vests were a real thing – I didn’t believe it. Could such a magical garment exist? It does, and it is fabulous. In fact they have a whole line of battery heated gear, so far I have only tried the vests. When I woke up this morning it was minus 4 – I’m hoping their R&D team is working on a full body suit. I’m a southern girl who loves to ski, and living on the east coast that means braving temps that are often below […] Continue reading →


Headed to Washington, D.C.? The Hay-Adams is THE place to stay. It’s not just the jaw dropping views of the White House, or the Off the Record bar where the real action happens, this gem of a hotel offers an unparalleled level of service. You can’t get closer to the seat of power unless POTUS himself invites you to sleep over. Waking up to this view just really never gets old. Not all rooms have a White House view, some have a view of Lafayette Park, some of St. Johns, but they […] Continue reading →


The world is on sale! No really, it is. The dollar is stronger than it has been in almost a decade, and the lovely folks at Corinthia Hotels are offering some amazing deals. Who doesn’t love a sale? I think if you combine the new exchange rate and these deals at Corinthia, it’s almost like they are paying you to take a luxury vacation. I tell Mr. LTM this all the time. He still finds my shopping math to be suspect. I personally have been dreaming of Budapest. This formerly […] Continue reading →


It’s that time of year. We all make resolutions, then we have too many rum drinks and decide that being a marathoner wasn’t in the cards for us anyway. Or is that just me? This year I have a resolution I think I can stick to. It’s something I feel passionate about. I’m kind of hoping you’ll all join me because I think it’s pretty awesome.   I realized there’s only one thing that’s holding me back (besides lack of a private jet) and that […] Continue reading →


It’s not often (um, or ever) that I get to be a part of national policy discussions. I mean, I want to. Just nobody ever calls. This week they did. The White House invited the Top 100 Most Influential Travel Bloggers for a day at the White House and series of briefings by senior administration officials. I feel so West Wing just writing that. So I put on my best Olivia Pope look and headed to DC for two days. It became known as the White House Travel Blogger Summit. It’s no […] Continue reading →


Skiing is hard. It’s expensive. It’s cold. So very cold. Why would anyone choose this as their family sport? You practically burn hundred dollar bills for warmth it’s so expensive. Except for mom. By the time mom gets little people’s toes jammed into ski boots, finds everyone’s gloves, loads all the skis, gets herself dressed, finds her skis and gets everyone to the mountain. She’s covered in sweat. So very sweaty. Yet every weekend parents everywhere […] Continue reading →


Yes, I’m that person who starts listening to Christmas carols before Halloween. My cards have been printed since September and it’s only because no one is selling live Christmas trees yet that my house isn’t fully decorated. But the biggest excitement I have for this year is the first ever Luxury Travel Mom Kick Ass Holiday Gift Guide This is not just a list, this is a list of some of my favorite things and includes discounts for Luxury Travel Mom readers ONLY. I know, […] Continue reading →