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Big Crazy Family Adventure

Get out your kleenex and your credit card. This show is going to make you cry and then book a trip somewhere-anywhere with your kids. I am obsessed with this new show on Travel Channel. You aren’t yet, because it doesn’t premiere until Sunday. But you will be. Trust me. You know how passionate I am about travel with my children. Not because I want to expose them to the highest thread count sheets, but because I want to expose them to the world in all its messy fabulousness. […] Continue reading →


The contest is over-the folks at The Catrinka Project chose Nicole Christensen as the winner. Congratulations Nicole. Her quote was “I am passionate about helping women and girls because when you lift a woman, often you can also change the trajectory of her children’s lives.” However-you can still buy a bag at a 15% discount and employ a woman-educate a girl. If you didn’t read my first post, here is my interview with Founder and CEO Megan Reilly Cayten. We did a […] Continue reading →


I receive hundreds of e-mails daily from brands who want to partner with Luxury Travel Mom. Most of them end up in the trash. When the Catrinka Project reached out to me, I felt like I had found my soulmates and I know you will too. Simply put, they buy products made by women in the developing world and use the money to fund education for girls. They aren’t the first to do this, but they might be the best. Helping women around the world is a passion of mine, but I have rarely found a […] Continue reading →


Traveling to Cuba has changed on paper – but not so much in reality. Are you looking to travel to Cuba but don’t know how? Here is everything you need to know. Like many things on this sleepy island nation, change is slow to come. Though President Obama has normalized relations and you can now “self certify” for a travel visa, in real life, traveling to Cuba is exactly the same as it has been for the last several years. HOWEVER, if you follow my advice, you can see […] Continue reading →

Entourage Movie

So last night I had the chance to see an early screening of the much anticipated Entourage Movie. No one said anything about an embargo – sooooo. Here is my Entourage Movie review – along with my unnamed friend who was also in the audience. Also, I had pics of me with Adrian Grenier at an amazing event for his Mobile Kitchen Classroom, so why not use them? And he actually did coerce me into shooting some sort of fancy tequila with him. I can’t recall if it was Avion or […] Continue reading →

3rd home review

Do you have a second home that you rarely use? I do. I like it that way. I don’t want people in my house, I love this house, you might know it better as Summer Boobie Cottage. We built our dream vacation home on Kiawah Island a few years ago and I am loathe to let my children in – let alone other people. I am however seriously considering joining this private club that would allow me to swap my home for time in someone else’s underused dream vacation house. I’m […] Continue reading →

Half Moon Resort Jamaica

The number one question I am asked most frequently is “where is the best place in the Caribbean for a family vacation?” I have recommended Half Moon Resort Jamaica so many times I’ve lost count, here is why: Ten Reasons to Book Half Moon Resort in Jamaica 1. The villas and cottages are HUGE and have great space for a family to spread out We stayed in the same ocean front villa that Prince Harry vacationed in. There is a huge living space, a separate kitchen for staff (that […] Continue reading →

Red Carpet Kids New York

Am I a bad mother? Are you a bad mother? Apparently we are ALL bad mothers. Do you work? Leave your kids with a nanny? Wow, you are selfish, how can you hand over your most important job to someone else?? Shame on you. Do you stay home? Did you give up your career? What an awful example you are setting for your children, especially your girls. Why aren’t you leaning in?? Shame on you. Keaton and I were recently quoted and featured in the New York Post and on Fox 5 News about Red […] Continue reading →

Four Seasons Whistler

Where do Pippa Middleton and Luxury Travel Mom love to ski? Vanity Fair asked her, they must not have my number. Anyway, we have the same answer-Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort in beautiful British Columbia. Why? Whistler-Blackcomb hast the most skiable terrain in North America and the second highest vertical drop. Sound too intense for beginners? Au contraire, this family friendly resort has slopes for every skier from the hot dogger to the bunny slopers. Where to stay: The Four Seasons […] Continue reading →

tennis camps for adults

Dying to get out of the cold and work on your tennis game? Smug Californians need not reply. Join me and Tracy Austin April 15-19, 2015 for Curtain Bluff’s Annual Fantasy Tennis Camp Week. Tracy will be joined on the courts by Johan Kriek and Tom Gullikson. Tennis Camps for Adults I recently wrote a story about tennis camps for adults in Greenwich Magazine. I didn’t include Curtain Bluff, it’s so much fun it’s more like a vacation-with world class tennis on the […] Continue reading →