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Luxury Travel Mom is an award winning influential lifestyle blog by Kim-Marie Evans.

Kim-Marie Evans is a travel journalist specializing in luxury and family travel. She travels with her four children in tow (no nanny) to destinations as far flung as Mauritius and as accessible as Disney. She is Contributing Travel Editor for Greenwich Magazine and her work has appeared in print in all of the Moffly Publications.  She is a sought after expert for television segments and other print publications. She and her children are regularly hired as video talent for resort marketing videos.


The Luxury Travel Mom brand was born when she realized that moms really only trust other moms on any given subject whether it’s the best car to buy or hotel to visit. Only a mom traveling with children can really attest to a hotel’s child friendliness. With a keen eye for luxury and years of travel under her belt, Kim-Marie is a trusted tastemaker in the luxury market. Not every four star hotel deserves its rating and not every luxury experience is ‘as advertised’. Her unflinchingly honest reviews and brash humor have earned her the trust of a large and loyal audience. You can buy her champagne, but you can’t buy her opinion.