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Kim-Marie Evans is a freelance writer specializing in luxury and family travel. She has traveled the world with her four children to places as glamorous as the south of France and as challenging as Rwanda. She is the travel writer for Greenwich Magazine and her work has appeared in print in all of the Moffly Publications and WAG Magazine. She is the Features Editor for TravelingMom.com, the Family Travel Blogger for Exclusive Resorts, one of the select Snowmamas writing for Park City Mountain Resort and a regular contributor to Preferred Family and Ciao Bambino. Her travel advice has been featured on air on CBS’s “Live from the Couch” and in various national news segments. She is also part of “Katie’s Crew” blogging for KatieCouric.com. And no, she does not have a team of nannies, or even one for that matter….but if you’re offering….