And the winner is….Diane

And the winner is….Diane

Thank you to everyone for all the comments. I am in a total state of denial that summer is over and reading everyone’s back to school memories was such a treat. This was Diane’s comment. It still rings so true. My daughter is a freshman and I begged her to save some of her shopping money until after she’s seen what the girls are wearing at high school. Apparently I don’t know anything.

Diane’s comment:

favorite back to school moment~not many as we moved every two years~alas I have a sister one year younger than myself and she and I would meet up at our first break or lunch just to tell each other how this school works.
But I do remember begging my mom for these shoes I thought were soo cool…which would have been in my “old school crowd” in Los Angeles. But this was my first year back in the boonies and I didn’t know that birkenstocks and the hippy chick thang was the current rage. I wore them one day and refused to ever wear them again. Needless to say, my mom said no to the 75 dollar birkenstocks saying I would change my mind again. But I did steal my brothers button down shirts and cords to wear to try and fit in…until the trend turned to county western denim skirts~egads~




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