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So I was asked to be a Verizon blogger-which means they send me stuff-I try it-then I tell you what I think. I know, right? So a few weeks ago the new Blackberry Z10 arrived by FedEx. I was around for the  first generation of Blackberrys, remember how cool they were? Everyone from teens to stock brokers had one and BBMing was the thing. Then the iPhone came along and suddenly the Blackberry looked like a dinosaur. No apps, no touch screen, no hipster factor. When I heard the Blackberry was […] Continue reading →

Kids bored?  Need help planning trips and outings that your kids (and you) will enjoy? Imagine an amazing app that allows you to find things to do in every city you visit, including your own.  Looking for ghost tours in Washington, D.C.?  Got it.  A place to stay in Houston?  Check.  A reason to get your kids out of the house in your own town?  Done. The new app Goby is easy to download and even easier to use.  It works on iPhone, iPad, Droid and online.  I’m not being […] Continue reading →