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The Luxury Travel Mom brand was born when founder Kim-Marie realized that moms really only trust other moms on any given subject, whether it’s the best car to buy or hotel to visit. Only a mom traveling with children can really attest to a hotel’s child friendliness. With a keen eye for luxury and years of travel under her belt, Kim-Marie is a trusted taste-maker in the luxury market.  Her unflinchingly honest reviews and brash humor have earned her the trust of a large and loyal audience. You can buy her champagne, but you can’t buy her opinion.


We can be reached by e-mail at: kim-marie @ luxurytravelmom [dot] com


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We only review products occasionally and they need to be directly related to either luxury or travel, both is even better.


We are open to sponsored trips and always disclose such in every article. We are more interested in being authentic than in receiving free trips. Our readers trust our reviews, only properties that are truly family friendly with great service and great atmosphere will be Luxury Travel Mom approved.



According to Klout Luxury Travel Mom is celebrity. We have over 16,100 Twitter followers and for some reason people seem be listening.