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It’s not often (um, or ever) that I get to be a part of national policy discussions. I mean, I want to. Just nobody ever calls. This week they did. The White House invited the Top 100 Most Influential Travel Bloggers for a day at the White House and series of briefings by senior administration officials. I feel so West Wing just writing that. So I put on my best Olivia Pope look and headed to DC for two days. It became known as the White House Travel Blogger Summit. It’s no […] Continue reading →


Skiing is hard. It’s expensive. It’s cold. So very cold. Why would anyone choose this as their family sport? You practically burn hundred dollar bills for warmth it’s so expensive. Except for mom. By the time mom gets little people’s toes jammed into ski boots, finds everyone’s gloves, loads all the skis, gets herself dressed, finds her skis and gets everyone to the mountain. She’s covered in sweat. So very sweaty. Yet every weekend parents everywhere […] Continue reading →


Yes, I’m that person who starts listening to Christmas carols before Halloween. My cards have been printed since September and it’s only because no one is selling live Christmas trees yet that my house isn’t fully decorated. But the biggest excitement I have for this year is the first ever Luxury Travel Mom Kick Ass Holiday Gift Guide This is not just a list, this is a list of some of my favorite things and includes discounts for Luxury Travel Mom readers ONLY. I know, […] Continue reading →


Someone once said, a woman should never have to buy her own scent. I have never agreed with that. My vanity table looks like the perfume counter from the first floor of a department store. I love perfume, floral perfume, musky perfume, fruity perfume. I wear a different scent depending on the day, my mood, what I’m doing. Yes, I wear perfume to play tennis and to ski. There is something so old fashioned and lady like about always trailing a lovely scent as you enter a room. Elizabeth […] Continue reading →


You may not have had the good fortune to be married to a railroad tycoon and live on Mansion Row in Newport during the Gilded Age, but when you stay at The Chanler at Cliff Walk you can pretend for a weekend. This turn of the century mansion was the first home built on the famed Cliff Walk and is now a luxury hotel with only 20 rooms and villas. In fact it’s the only hotel along this storied corridor. When these grand homes were constructed the well heeled started a tradition of referring […] Continue reading →


“Nights and days came and passed - And summer and winter - and the rain. And it was good to be a little Island. A part of the world - and a world of its own - All surrounded by the bright blue sea.” ― Margaret Wise Brown, The Little Island While on a family sailing trip Laurence Rockefeller “discovered” St. John. Because when you’re a gazillionaire, sometimes these things happen. Luckily for the rest of us, the generous Rockefeller donated most of the island to […] Continue reading →


I’ve often said, “everything good came from Seattle.” Starbucks Costco Microsoft Mackelmore Me We all know that Seattle is the coffee capital because it rains all the time, but does it? It rains an average of 40 inches per year in New York City, but only 36 inches in Seattle. Other secrets Seattle is keeping from you? The food is amazing, there are beaches just minutes from downtown and one of the best luxury hotels I’ve ever stayed in is in the center of it […] Continue reading →


Thinking of renting a house next time you vacation? Think it’s more expensive than a hotel? Well, depending on the house it could be, and then it’s probably totally worth it. Renting a home can often be less expensive or similarly priced to staying in a hotel, but you get SO much more in a home. The rental process can be daunting. Where to look, how to find the right property, will it look like the photos when you get there? Booking a home is easier than you think it is, and the […] Continue reading →

Her doctor told her not to worry. Lots of breastfeeding moms have changes in their breasts. So she didn’t. A year later she was undergoing aggressive treatment for stage 3 breast cancer. This is one story, of many, that start the longer story of the battle against breast cancer. It  happened to my dear friend’s co-worker. You’d think it would have been a warning, a red flag sent up from the universe, but she missed it. Only you know you your body. As women we are born […] Continue reading →


Thinking of jetting to Aruba for a little sun? Here’s what you need to know, need to avoid, and whether or not this is the destination for you. The Good: Sunshine-lots of it: Aruba sits south of the hurricane belt just off the coast of Venezuela. This means that you can almost guarantee a suntan and no rain out, every day, of every week, all year long. The island only gets 20 inches of rain per year and is famous for its trade winds, it’s a wind surfer’s paradise, so even […] Continue reading →