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Fairmont Cadillac

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Question About Disneyworld VIP Tour Service Hi KM, I have a couple of questions about this too … looking for something new to do in the world, and we have yet to utilize this service. I have found DW planning to only become increasingly more stressful and feel this may be a better way to make the trip more stress-free. 1. Have you used this service since they rolled out the new FP+? Last time we were there, it was when FP+ first started and we found even the FP+ lines to be very long […] Continue reading →

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Curtain Bluff Family

Looking for that one magical resort where the kids have fun and you actually get to relax? It exists, I found it in Antigua, a Caribbean island a 4 1/2 hour flight from New York. Curtain Bluff has stacked up “World’s Best” awards, but that doesn’t impress kids – here’s what does: Why my kids love Curtain Bluff Unlimited and FREE water activities All the kids had to do was ask politely and wait their turn, the staff would take them out. No room charge, no […] Continue reading →


Ant Man – Don’t Call the Exterminator Summer time and super hero movies go hand in hand. This summer you are going to want to reach out and grab Ant-Man’s hand or whatever you can find to hang onto when Marvel’s tiniest super hero crawls onto the big screen today. Funny man, Paul Rudd, who was part of the screen writing team, proves he can still bring the laughs and kick some serious super hero butt at the same time. I wasn’t so sure how the This Is 40 star was going to pull […] Continue reading →


Ask KM


Introducing a new segment on Luxury Travel Mom, Ask KM. I field dozens of questions every week on FB message, e-mail, even through Instagram from readers looking for advice on travel and more. If I don’t have answers, I certainly have the resources and contacts to get them for you. I hope as this segment grows, it will allow all the Luxury Travel Moms who read my site to help each other. You are a resource for me as often as I’m a resource for you. This first segment is […] Continue reading →

What to Wear Montana

Introducing a new feature here on Luxury Travel Mom – What To Wear. Why you ask? You must be a dude. The question I am most frequently asked about any destination  is “What should I wear?” So, given that some of the destinations I cover – The United Arab Emirates – Dude Ranches – etc. can be challenging to pack for – I give you….. What To Wear What to Wear Glamping? Boots It all starts with the boots – and you build from there. Why […] Continue reading →


This post is by Luxury Travel Mom Momtourage writer Karin Sheets-you don’t know her yet-but you’re going to love her. I mean, she found the signature cocktail on day one-need I say more? Pristine Lake Tahoe spans the borders of Nevada and California, high up in the Sierra-Nevadas, surrounded by beaches and mountains.  Stunning beauty envelops every view.  Known for epic skiing during the winter, the Lake Tahoe area is equally appealing in the summer – with everything […] Continue reading →

Big Crazy Family Adventure

Get out your kleenex and your credit card. This show is going to make you cry and then book a trip somewhere-anywhere with your kids. I am obsessed with this new show on Travel Channel. You aren’t yet, because it doesn’t premiere until Sunday. But you will be. Trust me. You know how passionate I am about travel with my children. Not because I want to expose them to the highest thread count sheets, but because I want to expose them to the world in all its messy fabulousness. […] Continue reading →


The contest is over-the folks at The Catrinka Project chose Nicole Christensen as the winner. Congratulations Nicole. Her quote was “I am passionate about helping women and girls because when you lift a woman, often you can also change the trajectory of her children’s lives.” However-you can still buy a bag at a 15% discount and employ a woman-educate a girl. If you didn’t read my first post, here is my interview with Founder and CEO Megan Reilly Cayten. We did a […] Continue reading →


I receive hundreds of e-mails daily from brands who want to partner with Luxury Travel Mom. Most of them end up in the trash. When the Catrinka Project reached out to me, I felt like I had found my soulmates and I know you will too. Simply put, they buy products made by women in the developing world and use the money to fund education for girls. They aren’t the first to do this, but they might be the best. Helping women around the world is a passion of mine, but I have rarely found a […] Continue reading →