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Question About Disneyworld VIP Tour Service Hi KM, I have a couple of questions about this too … looking for something new to do in the world, and we have yet to utilize this service. I have found DW planning to only become increasingly more stressful and feel this may be a better way to make the trip more stress-free. 1. Have you used this service since they rolled out the new FP+? Last time we were there, it was when FP+ first started and we found even the FP+ lines to be very long […] Continue reading →

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I have never been a cruise fan. This was not based on my actual experience of cruising, but my belief that cruises were full of people wearing fanny packs and cutting in the buffet line to beat me to the pile of cheap spaghetti and meatballs. Also, I don’t like small spaces. You might be surprised to learn that it wasn’t some small yacht cruise line that changed my mind on cruising, but Disney. I know, you’re either thinking “Seriously? Disney?” Or you’ve […] Continue reading →

Katie Goldstein

The Luxury Travel Blog Network has been all over the globe this March, in style I might add. I love being a part of this group and living vicariously through their travels. Katie played a little James Bond in London, Paul headed to Cape Town, Nadine was at the ultra luxe Golden Oak in Disneyworld and Ana has made me absolutely drool over British Airways first class service. I will be sending this post to Richard Anderson of Delta, but it’s like telling a yorkie to act like a doberman. […] Continue reading →

Disney Aulani Resort Reviews

The Aulani Resort is what they call Hawaii with a capital H and Disney with a lower case D. Heavy on the Hawaii, light on the Disney. But is there enough Hawaii to keep a picky teen happy and enough Disney to keep the world’s biggest eight year old Disney fan happy? Resort Details: Where it is: Aulani is on the island of Oahu, you fly in to Honolulu. This makes getting here easy, most major airlines have direct flights in to Honolulu. We came straight from JFK to HNL. The flight was […] Continue reading →

Disney Aulani Mai Tai

Didn’t think of Disney as having a signature cocktail? Then you haven’t been to Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa on the island of O’ahu. This fun filled family resort has it all, water slides, lazy river, sandy beaches and killer Mai Tai’s. On my visit to see their recent expansions (fab new infinity pools) they treated us all to their signature Mai Tai. As I am now a cocktail blogger, and take my duties seriously, I had one every day of my stay to ensure product […] Continue reading →

Curtain Bluff

It’s been a busy November. You may have noticed that I’ve been all over the map, literally. We’ve been to London, Mauritius and Antigua. Tomorrow we’re off to Charleston. If all these obnoxious photos of me floating around in turquoise waters are giving you the travel bug, Mrs. O Around the World has just what you need. […] Continue reading →

This is a guest post by Gavin Doyle of Disney Dose-A Disneyland Blog. I have ALWAYS wanted to get this invitation, I will have to live vicariously. Unless you are reading Mickey, you know where to find me… 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Club 33 in Disneyland Club 33 in Disneyland California is one of the most exclusive places in the world. Entrance into the club is only granted to members who pay more than 5 figures a year. The club was first envisioned by Walt Disney who wanted […] Continue reading →

Kids want to go to Disney, Dad wants to golf, Mom just wants some peace and quiet. Sound familiar? On a recent Disney trip my husband was googling “nearby golf courses” from the Disney Magic Express. Silly man. The boys had plans for Star Wars that did not involve 18 holes. Recently The Villas of Grand Cypress invited me down to check out their multi-million dollar renovation and amazing golf courses. Yes 45 holes. Much to Mr. Evans disappointment, the little boys got the invite […] Continue reading →

The article broke in the New York Post a few days ago. My inbox was flooded with friends asking me about it since I write so often about Luxury and Disney that I am the second Google search result on the subject. Of course I’ve heard about these gray market services. My friends at our country club are shocked that I pay full price for the VIP service offered by Disney at $300 per hour. No, it’s not given to me by Disney or even discounted. I pay it fair and square. Though […] Continue reading →

Don’t think you’re the “running type”? Don’t think you could ever finish a 5k let alone a half marathon? I’m here to tell you you can. My decision to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon was mostly based on a good reason to wear a sparkly skirt and have a girls weekend in Disney with my daughter. I’m not a runner. Neither is she. But setting a goal together seemed like a great chance to bond. To train I ran a lot. She ate brownies. In her defense, […] Continue reading →