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The gorgeous Nadine Jolie took my dream trip and did a champagne tasting with Veueve Clicquot in Reims, France. She described at “the Disneyland of champagne”. Clearly this needs to be my next trip. Until then I will just have to practice on my own. I’m getting pretty good you know. Mrs O flew across the pond to check out Newport, Rhode Island. Having only been there once, with children and dog in tow, she had a far better time. Ana and my other fab friend, Lauren DiMarco […] Continue reading →

We recently decided to pack up our brood and introduce them to the finer things in life, the French things. Also I was looking for a good excuse to make a stop over in Paris, so we settled on the South of France. A family of six is HUGE by european standards, really by anyone’s standards. Needing more space than a hotel room could offer, we rented a home from Hosted Villas. Not only do they offer stunning luxury accommodations, but, as the name implies, a host. Per night we paid about […] Continue reading →

Don’t judge me for serving my children wine, according to the French there is no drinking age, one of the many reasons I love the French. We recently spent a grand time in the south of France in the charming village of Beaumes de Venise. We couldn’t possibly show our faces back home and admit that we were in wine country and never stepped foot in a winery. Because for God’s sake, people dream of going to the Cotes du Rhone, and we were there and only ate croissants and rode carousels? […] Continue reading →