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Sending a child off alone on a mission trip can be scary, more so for mom than for the child. Whether they are going to someplace close like the Dominican Republic or as far away as Rwanda, advice for preparing them is the same. I have been lucky enough to travel on many mission trips around the world, I have also taken my children with me. This summer they are going alone. My 14 year old just left for two weeks in Rwanda, my 16 year old is leaving for Haiti at the end of July. Here is my […] Continue reading →

This is what the neonatologist told me every day for five days when he would visit me after my second child was born.  My tiny boy, JJ, was still in the NICU after his miraculous birth.  During labor he had what they call a “prolapsed cord”.  This means his cord had come out ahead of him, it doesn’t sound all that dramatic until you realize that every time I had a contraction, it was cutting off his life giving supply of oxygen. His birth was traumatic for both of us. […] Continue reading →

Arriving in Port au Prince feels at first as if you’ve just landed in any modern airport anywhere in the world. Then you realize you are on a new jetway built next to the crumbling airport, the jetway is all that is new. Surprisingly you are greeted by a jazzy band playing local music all dressed in Digicel t-shirts, the predominant wireless network in Haiti. I’m told the company has given a great amount to the Haitians and I’m slightly less offended by their marketing techniques. […] Continue reading →



Haiti in July, 2010, who knew those might have been the good times? […] Continue reading →