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Curtain Bluff

It’s been a busy November. You may have noticed that I’ve been all over the map, literally. We’ve been to London, Mauritius and Antigua. Tomorrow we’re off to Charleston. If all these obnoxious photos of me floating around in turquoise waters are giving you the travel bug, Mrs. O Around the World has just what you need. […] Continue reading →

Le Prince Maurice Constance Hotels Mauritius

Keaton recently had the chance to review Le Prince Maurice, a Constance Hotel in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I say Keaton, because though I was to carry his bags, it was his stamp of approval they were seeking. While researching this five star tropical get away I came across phrases such as: “Experience the ultimate romantic hideaway, where stunning architectural design meets relaxed luxury.” Were children really welcome? […] Continue reading →

The gorgeous Nadine Jolie took my dream trip and did a champagne tasting with Veueve Clicquot in Reims, France. She described at “the Disneyland of champagne”. Clearly this needs to be my next trip. Until then I will just have to practice on my own. I’m getting pretty good you know. Mrs O flew across the pond to check out Newport, Rhode Island. Having only been there once, with children and dog in tow, she had a far better time. Ana and my other fab friend, Lauren DiMarco […] Continue reading →

  Pour yourself a tall glass of iced tea and settle in for some summer travel dreaming. My girls in the Luxury Travel Blog network have been getting around and share some swoon worthy stories. New York, New York   In the Four Seasons online magazine Have Family, Will Travel I share my go-to guide for enjoying the Big Apple with Kids. To be clear, Bergdorf’s is just around the corner from Dylan’s Candy Bar and Central Park. It’s divine planning. Lisbon, Portugal […] Continue reading →

Ever wish you could find and book great luxury properties, that are truly family friendly, all in one place? Well now you can. The Preferred Hotel Group has launched Preferred Family, a website designed just for the luxury traveling family. The folks at Preferred Hotels reached out to a select group of family travel bloggers to provide a live feed of timely and useful family travel information. I was initially skeptical about how luxury their suite of hotels might be. To my surprise I found […] Continue reading →

The pressure is on. It’s time to plan your summer vacation, and as we moms keep getting reminded, you “only get 18 summers”. Well, I’ve got the next 10 covered for you. You’re welcome. The luxury travel moms at Ciao Bambino, Poshbrood and I are giving you the very best of the best. These curated trips are kid-tested, mom-approved and all first class. Don’t bother upgrading your flight, the blankets are still dirty and the food is terrible. Save up your […] Continue reading →

A few years ago I was at the end of my rope. I had been sick for so long I had forgotten what being well felt like. I had been to every doctor, had every test, been scoped inside and out. Every time I ate my stomach hurt, I couldn’t stay awake past about 1:00pm every day, I had lost about a third of my hair and was so thin my friends were whispering “anorexic” behind my back. Every doctor had a different guess, but no solution. It was irritable bowel, I had Epstein-Barr, I […] Continue reading →

  There’s no better combination than Southern charm and five star luxury. The Sanctuary Resort on Kiawah Island is having its moment in the spotlight this week as the world watches the PGA Championship being played on Kiawah’s famed Ocean Course. Never heard of Kiawah Island? If you’re not a huge golf fan, this island retreat may not have hit your radar – yet. Kiawah is a barrier island just thirty minutes from historic Charleston, South Carolina. Recently voted […] Continue reading →

Kids dying to go to DisneyWorld but you’re not thrilled with the idea of each moment dripping in Disney? Hoping for a mint on your pillow that isn’t ubiquitously ear shaped? Check out the Ritz Carlton on the Grande Lakes. For starters, I didn’t even know there were lakes in Orlando, so that’s a bonus. The Ritz shares lakefront space and amenities with it’s sister property JW Marriott. The pools at the Ritz are gorgeous, the children’s pool sports cheeky […] Continue reading →

I’m often asked, “What is your favorite hotel?” As much as we travel, that’s a tough question. But if you ask my kids, they will tell you they love The Somerset on Grace Bay. My favorite description of this resort comes from a Frommer’s review in the New York Times, ”This new resort looks and feels like old money. Gobs of old money.” Ok, don’t stop reading, you can afford this. They even run specials, really. My kids don’t love it […] Continue reading →