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Thinking of renting a house next time you vacation? Think it’s more expensive than a hotel? Well, depending on the house it could be, and then it’s probably totally worth it. Renting a home can often be less expensive or similarly priced to staying in a hotel, but you get SO much more in a home. The rental process can be daunting. Where to look, how to find the right property, will it look like the photos when you get there? Booking a home is easier than you think it is, and the […] Continue reading →

Her doctor told her not to worry. Lots of breastfeeding moms have changes in their breasts. So she didn’t. A year later she was undergoing aggressive treatment for stage 3 breast cancer. This is one story, of many, that start the longer story of the battle against breast cancer. It  happened to my dear friend’s co-worker. You’d think it would have been a warning, a red flag sent up from the universe, but she missed it. Only you know you your body. As women we are born […] Continue reading →


Thinking of jetting to Aruba for a little sun? Here’s what you need to know, need to avoid, and whether or not this is the destination for you. The Good: Sunshine-lots of it: Aruba sits south of the hurricane belt just off the coast of Venezuela. This means that you can almost guarantee a suntan and no rain out, every day, of every week, all year long. The island only gets 20 inches of rain per year and is famous for its trade winds, it’s a wind surfer’s paradise, so even […] Continue reading →


The following post is contributed by my Lux Travel Chica – Lauren Pruner. Though I have written Montauk Yacht Club up for Greenwich Magazine, I have not yet had a chance to review it personally. Lucky for us, Lauren and her friends were willing to sample the cocktails and give us the inside scoop on a stay at this venerable Hamptons institution. Do remember though, they did not have to take toddlers. … it’s official. I’ve broken out the long pants and flats – LTM has […] Continue reading →


For my birthday I’m giving one lucky reader a week in my life. Without the dishes, dog walking or blog posting duties. All the fun, none of the, well, not fun. Also, wearing six inch heels to the airport is totally optional. And the cake, you get the cake.   Regular readers know that Charleston and Kiawah Island are my happy places. We love it there so much that we built a home after vacationing every summer for many years. I’ve had some time to figure out what’s the […] Continue reading →

Air Mauritius

It’s no secret that I fly a lot. It’s also not a secret that I have some strong opinions, especially about air travel. I want you all to be the first to know that I’m in love. Not the teenager kind of love where it’s all hot and bothered, like when I flew Virgin and the cabins were all pink. Or the marry me kind of love when I flew to Paris in a fully flat bed on Air France. This is the Best Friends Forever kind of love. We trade notes on Twitter. Sometimes they send […] Continue reading →


Charleston has been named Friendliest Small Town, Best City in the World, and on and on. We just call it our second home. I am constantly asked for advice on what to do and see in Charleston so here’s a quick guide on what we love and what we recommend. Let’s start with cake: No seriously, I’ll tell you where to stay and blah blah blah after I tell you about the cake. You want to know this. This is life altering stuff people. Peninsula Grill, which is part of the Relais […] Continue reading →


“I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love.” ` John Steinbeck What is glamping? It’s slang for glamorous camping. Think Robert Redford washing Meryl Streep’s hair on safari in Out of Africa. Glamping in Montana has been called the American Safari, and for good reason. If you are considering a trip to Big Sky country, you should add the Resort at Paws Up to your bucket list. You […] Continue reading →


“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”― Norman Maclean “A River Runs Through It” There is a reason that writers wax poetic about this river, it’s that enchanting. There are dozens of ways to enjoy the Blackfoot River when you are guest at The Resort at Paws Up. Here’s a quick how to on the various river activities offered. What you need to know: You can enjoy the river for free. I didn’t really get that when we first […] Continue reading →

The Resort at Paws Up

  If you love sport shooting, you’re going to love the range at Paws Up. If you are slightly horrified that I let my children shoot, read on, I’m about to change your mind. My husband grew up with guns. He is such a redneck that he would go duck hunting before school and then arrive at his first class still in hunting gear. His dad taught him gun safety first and foremost, my husband wants to pass that on to his sons. I just wanted to shoot stuff because it seemed fairly […] Continue reading →