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Gwyneth Paltrow Paws Up

I am always on the look out for the perfect bag. Hand bag, suitcase, travel bag. There are a lot of poorly designed travel accessories out there. When I was offered the chance to review a bag that was designed by a fellow frequent traveler, and a woman, I wondered if someone had finally made a better mouse trap. If you read my blog, it’s no secret that I travel a LOT. I actually never unpack. I have a few toiletry bags that are always ready to go. Not because I am organized, rather I […] Continue reading →

Luxury Travel Mom Kim-Marie Evans

I did not realize the mystical hold that the Blackfoot River had over my husband util I heard him eulogize his father a few summers ago. His dad loved Montana, his dad loved fishing, and he instilled those loves in his son. This is why we are in Montana this week. For the next three days my husband and boys will be on the fabled Blackfoot River. And as my husband said at his father’s memorial, “I like to think that’s where my dad is now, fishing on the Blackfoot”. […] Continue reading →

Luxury Travel Mom Kim-Marie Evans

Half Moon Resort in Jamaica has played host to Jackie O., Prince Harry, and now the Evans boys. Though the villas offer a butler, a housekeeper and a cook (all just for you) this piece of paradise is not too fancy for a busy family. This grand old tropical outpost has been hosting the swell and fabulous since 1957. Half Moon’s storied past includes Jackie O. penning her will from one of the ocean front cottages. A long line of British royalty have rested their heads at Half Moon, the […] Continue reading →


I have never been a cruise fan. This was not based on my actual experience of cruising, but my belief that cruises were full of people wearing fanny packs and cutting in the buffet line to beat me to the pile of cheap spaghetti and meatballs. Also, I don’t like small spaces. You might be surprised to learn that it wasn’t some small yacht cruise line that changed my mind on cruising, but Disney. I know, you’re either thinking “Seriously? Disney?” Or you’ve […] Continue reading →


If you are on Instagram you might feel like EVERYONE is in Paris right now, I know I do. My green French envy is really overwhelming. So much so that I am plotting a girls’ trip. Mr Evans has no idea (am now going to find out if he reads my blog) and I’m using Ana’s recent trip as a guide. To start, I will hire Flytographer to capture my glorious getaway. Ana introduced me to them, we did a photo session in SoHo for my daughter’s birthday and I am in love, I will […] Continue reading →


The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world.― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby There is no other city like New York. Though Paris will always be my favorite, I’m lucky to live just 30 minutes outside of Manhattan and over the years have learned a thing or two about enjoying the city with children. A few tips: New York is not dangerous. Please do not wear your […] Continue reading →


Sending a child off alone on a mission trip can be scary, more so for mom than for the child. Whether they are going to someplace close like the Dominican Republic or as far away as Rwanda, advice for preparing them is the same. I have been lucky enough to travel on many mission trips around the world, I have also taken my children with me. This summer they are going alone. My 14 year old just left for two weeks in Rwanda, my 16 year old is leaving for Haiti at the end of July. Here is my […] Continue reading →

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So here’s the deal. Common travel advice is to leave your “good” jewelry at home and wear “resort” pieces. Um, hells no. I waited my entire life to get good jewelry and I’m going to wear it, here, there and everywhere. Do I worry about it falling off or getting stolen? Well, yes. That’s why I have it insured. I can literally take it off and leave it in the locker room. Covered. Falls off surfing. Covered. You get the idea. Now I don’t wear my […] Continue reading →

Nadine Jolie

Am I the only one who fantasizes about REAL luxury air travel? You know, the kind where your seat folds flat and you get hot towels and good food. Seriously, the Qatar TV ads have nothing on Hallmark for me. My darling friend Ana, Mrs. O Around the World, took a ride on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to test out Qatar Airways Business Class. Fair warning, if you are also a Delta flier, this post will kill you. I don’t think they even have peanuts on board. Nadine Jolie and her cute new […] Continue reading →


Cigars aren’t the only thing Cuba is famous for. This Caribbean island is the birthplace of three iconic cocktails: The mojito, the Cuba Libre and the Dacquiri. Though it may be disputed elsewhere, it is taken as fact in Cuba that they were all first sipped in Havana. Each cocktail was created in a different Cuban hotspot, and not surprisingly, they all lay claim to Ernest Hemingway as one of their most famous customers. It might be the mint or the rum or just the Cuban sunshine, but […] Continue reading →