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Sending a child off alone on a mission trip can be scary, more so for mom than for the child. Whether they are going to someplace close like the Dominican Republic or as far away as Rwanda, advice for preparing them is the same. I have been lucky enough to travel on many mission trips around the world, I have also taken my children with me. This summer they are going alone. My 14 year old just left for two weeks in Rwanda, my 16 year old is leaving for Haiti at the end of July. Here is my […] Continue reading →


Long before I was Luxury Travel Mom, I started the 10 Year Old Birthday Trip tradition. In a stroke of brilliance I decided that if I was taking a child on their once in a lifetime excursion, I wasn’t just doing it for me, I was being a great mom. […] Continue reading →

Ever wonder when you “sponsor a child” if that child really exists?  Really benefits from your donation?  JJ and I were lucky enough to find out personally.  Our first outing in Rwanda, was to the World Vision office in Nyarutovu.  My friend Lesley and her 2 children Grace and Liam traveled with us and this would be Lesley’s second time meeting the children she sponsors.  Quite impressively her little church sponsors hundreds of children in this one little village. I […] Continue reading →

Rwanda, not exactly a luxury destination, but the most fabulous trip I’ve taken in a long time. For each of my children’s 10th birthdays I take them on a mommy & me trip. It’s more for me than them, am hoping they don’t get wise to me.  For my oldest daughter’s trip, she chose Paris, we bought shoes and ate chocolate. When it came time for my next child to choose his destination the ideal trip presented itself to us.  We have been supporters of Partners […] Continue reading →