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Skiing is hard. It’s expensive. It’s cold. So very cold. Why would anyone choose this as their family sport? You practically burn hundred dollar bills for warmth it’s so expensive. Except for mom. By the time mom gets little people’s toes jammed into ski boots, finds everyone’s gloves, loads all the skis, gets herself dressed, finds her skis and gets everyone to the mountain. She’s covered in sweat. So very sweaty. Yet every weekend parents everywhere […] Continue reading →


For my birthday I’m giving one lucky reader a week in my life. Without the dishes, dog walking or blog posting duties. All the fun, none of the, well, not fun. Also, wearing six inch heels to the airport is totally optional. And the cake, you get the cake.   Regular readers know that Charleston and Kiawah Island are my happy places. We love it there so much that we built a home after vacationing every summer for many years. I’ve had some time to figure out what’s the […] Continue reading →


I have never been a cruise fan. This was not based on my actual experience of cruising, but my belief that cruises were full of people wearing fanny packs and cutting in the buffet line to beat me to the pile of cheap spaghetti and meatballs. Also, I don’t like small spaces. You might be surprised to learn that it wasn’t some small yacht cruise line that changed my mind on cruising, but Disney. I know, you’re either thinking “Seriously? Disney?” Or you’ve […] Continue reading →


The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world.― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby There is no other city like New York. Though Paris will always be my favorite, I’m lucky to live just 30 minutes outside of Manhattan and over the years have learned a thing or two about enjoying the city with children. A few tips: New York is not dangerous. Please do not wear your […] Continue reading →


Sending a child off alone on a mission trip can be scary, more so for mom than for the child. Whether they are going to someplace close like the Dominican Republic or as far away as Rwanda, advice for preparing them is the same. I have been lucky enough to travel on many mission trips around the world, I have also taken my children with me. This summer they are going alone. My 14 year old just left for two weeks in Rwanda, my 16 year old is leaving for Haiti at the end of July. Here is my […] Continue reading →


Last night I was asked to speak about travel trends at the Momtrends event in New York City. If you’re not familiar with Momtrends, you really need to get on their guest list, Nicole’s events are amazing. The subject was a bit daunting, what is trending in travel? It’s a big question. So I went to some of my most trusted travel experts and asked them what they see travelers looking for. My first call was to the queen of family travel, Wendy Perrin. Wendy recently left […] Continue reading →


Want to know what it’s really like to run away with the circus? Cirque du Soleil is not just a resident show at the Bellagio in Vegas, it is a real traveling circus complete with real traveling circus performers. They arrive with everything they need, they even custom designed their own traveling kitchen. A month from now when they move on they will leave nothing but a memory. Keaton follows a long and storied tradition of children enchanted by the circus. In an era of Miley Cyrus and […] Continue reading →

Kids want to go to Disney, Dad wants to golf, Mom just wants some peace and quiet. Sound familiar? On a recent Disney trip my husband was googling “nearby golf courses” from the Disney Magic Express. Silly man. The boys had plans for Star Wars that did not involve 18 holes. Recently The Villas of Grand Cypress invited me down to check out their multi-million dollar renovation and amazing golf courses. Yes 45 holes. Much to Mr. Evans disappointment, the little boys got the invite […] Continue reading →

Ever wish you could find and book great luxury properties, that are truly family friendly, all in one place? Well now you can. The Preferred Hotel Group has launched Preferred Family, a website designed just for the luxury traveling family. The folks at Preferred Hotels reached out to a select group of family travel bloggers to provide a live feed of timely and useful family travel information. I was initially skeptical about how luxury their suite of hotels might be. To my surprise I found […] Continue reading →

The pressure is on. It’s time to plan your summer vacation, and as we moms keep getting reminded, you “only get 18 summers”. Well, I’ve got the next 10 covered for you. You’re welcome. The luxury travel moms at Ciao Bambino, Poshbrood and I are giving you the very best of the best. These curated trips are kid-tested, mom-approved and all first class. Don’t bother upgrading your flight, the blankets are still dirty and the food is terrible. Save up your […] Continue reading →