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Want to know what it’s really like to run away with the circus? Cirque du Soleil is not just a resident show at the Bellagio in Vegas, it is a real traveling circus complete with real traveling circus performers. They arrive with everything they need, they even custom designed their own traveling kitchen. A month from now when they move on they will leave nothing but a memory. Keaton follows a long and storied tradition of children enchanted by the circus. In an era of Miley Cyrus and […] Continue reading →

Kids want to go to Disney, Dad wants to golf, Mom just wants some peace and quiet. Sound familiar? On a recent Disney trip my husband was googling “nearby golf courses” from the Disney Magic Express. Silly man. The boys had plans for Star Wars that did not involve 18 holes. Recently The Villas of Grand Cypress invited me down to check out their multi-million dollar renovation and amazing golf courses. Yes 45 holes. Much to Mr. Evans disappointment, the little boys got the invite […] Continue reading →

Ever wish you could find and book great luxury properties, that are truly family friendly, all in one place? Well now you can. The Preferred Hotel Group has launched Preferred Family, a website designed just for the luxury traveling family. The folks at Preferred Hotels reached out to a select group of family travel bloggers to provide a live feed of timely and useful family travel information. I was initially skeptical about how luxury their suite of hotels might be. To my surprise I found […] Continue reading →

The pressure is on. It’s time to plan your summer vacation, and as we moms keep getting reminded, you “only get 18 summers”. Well, I’ve got the next 10 covered for you. You’re welcome. The luxury travel moms at Ciao Bambino, Poshbrood and I are giving you the very best of the best. These curated trips are kid-tested, mom-approved and all first class. Don’t bother upgrading your flight, the blankets are still dirty and the food is terrible. Save up your […] Continue reading →

Don’t use a travel agent? Think you get better deals on Expedia, Orbitz, whatever? Think a travel agent costs you money and is an antiquated idea? Think again. I started using a travel agent a few years ago. Delta cancelled our flight on a trip to Beaver Creek, by the time I reached a Delta agent we couldn’t get re- booked for another THREE DAYS. The condo was rented, we had shipped our gear ahead, and the lift tickets were pre-paid. We decided to bite the bullet and book a […] Continue reading →

Whether it’s your first trip to Disney World or your 75th (I might be getting close), the fireworks at the end of the night are a must see. I don’t care how jaded you are, when Jiminy Cricket says “”Pretty huh? I’ll bet a lot of you folks don’t believe that… about a wish coming true. Do ya? Well, I didn’t either. ‘Course I’m just a cricket. But let me tell ya what really changed my mind. You see the most fantasic magical things can […] Continue reading →

Disney is almost done with their largest expansion in history. That’s quite a statement since Disney owns, well, just about everything. We were invited to preview the new attraction at Disney World last month. It opens to the public TOMORROW. Even if you are jaded, have been to Disney a million times, or you’re one of those “we’re too hip for Disney” types, the new Fantasyland is impressive. Let’s start with the most important upgrade. Dumbo is a Fastpass […] Continue reading →

Park City may not have the cash swinging swagger of Vail, or the mini gondola that keep Beaver Creek kids toasty. But it’s hands down the best ski mountain for families. West coast families, east coast families, even Australian families. There’s a reason SKI Magazine voted them #1 Family Ski Resort. I’ve been skiing since I could walk, so have my children. They give Park City eight thumbs up. Here are the reasons why: #1  Small Ski School Classes – and awesome […] Continue reading →

We visited DisneyWorld this week to preview the New Fantasyland, which is extraordinary and an entire other post. While we were there Disney surprised my three boys with tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. It’s not easy to enjoy Halloween when you’re little and to you everything is scary. My littlest character even thinks the Winnie the Pooh ride is “kind of dark and spooky”. I was nervous. Was it really not-so-scary? Could a kid who finds the […] Continue reading →

  There’s no better combination than Southern charm and five star luxury. The Sanctuary Resort on Kiawah Island is having its moment in the spotlight this week as the world watches the PGA Championship being played on Kiawah’s famed Ocean Course. Never heard of Kiawah Island? If you’re not a huge golf fan, this island retreat may not have hit your radar – yet. Kiawah is a barrier island just thirty minutes from historic Charleston, South Carolina. Recently voted […] Continue reading →