Haiti is a country near and dear to my heart. Shortly after the earthquake in 2010 I traveled to Haiti with Partners in Health to see what we could do to help in the aftermath. Our church donated to the relief effort and a small...

The New Droid Ultra-Review

Droid Home Screen

Droid Home Screen

As a Verizon Lifestyle blogger I receive products for review. Those who know me know I might be the least technical person in the world. For this reason I outsource these reviews to my experts. Also known as my children.

This review of the new Droid Ultra is from my 13 year old son. He is smarter than I am, really.

I Slept Around to Get the New Nokia Lumia 928 Phone – Product Review


Ok, I didn’t.

But I totally offered.

After seeing a demo of the new Nokia Lumia 928 phone I have been nothing less than obsessed. So obsessed I made indecent proposals to Nokia. Luckily for me as a Verizon Blogger I received one for review, no favors needed. I almost wonder if I should be offended?

Back to this mad phone. It has a Carl Zeiss lens, it shoots it low light, it has some crazy audio thing that makes videos sound awesome. I’m pretty sure that’s the technical name for it..

Giveaway – Win the Bella & Harry Visit Rome and Edinburgh Books AND a Child-Friendly Digital Camera

Two of my favorite things are reading and travel, put the two together and I’m hooked.

A fabulous way to introduce your children to the world, whether you travel or not, is through reading. The Bella & Harry books tell charming tales of two cheeky pups visiting world famous destinations. They are not sappy or dumbed down for children, the facts are spot on and interesting even to grown ups. Having traveled to Rome in my 20’s without doing my research ahead of time I had no idea what the Trevi fountain was or why it mattered. I’m ashamed to admit that I learned more from my recent bed time story reading of Bella & Harry Visit Rome than I did on my visit there. Might have also had something to do with the wine, and the cute Italian boys.

Bella and Harry

One lucky winner will receive both books AND the camera

Breaking News-Moms Hate Back To School-Someone tell Staples

I have never been so thrilled to receive so many comments that started with I HATE Truly, if I see one more commercial with a happy shiny mom buying calculators I might cancel cable. But then I couldn't watch Homeland, so there's that. When I wrote about hating...

Jawbone UP – For Kids – review

Never thought of putting a fitness bracelet on your child? Me neither. [caption id="attachment_1735" align="aligncenter" width="260"] Like Hermes-but with data[/caption]   Before you accuse me of being some sort of sadistic mom who counts her kids' calories and has them work out at the gym, my son begged for...

#InstantJoy Check Out These Joy Filled photos – And The Winner!

So I asked you to send me pictures of what brings you joy to enter the Havaianas #InstantJoy campaign. I LOVE these photos - they cover everything from throw back family pics to tennis to baby piglets. [caption id="attachment_1723" align="aligncenter" width="599"] They'll always be our babies[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1719"...