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Long before I was Luxury Travel Mom, I started the 10 Year Old Birthday Trip tradition. In a stroke of brilliance I decided that if I was taking a child on their once in a lifetime excursion, I wasn’t just doing it for me, I was being a great mom. […] Continue reading →

The article broke in the New York Post a few days ago. My inbox was flooded with friends asking me about it since I write so often about Luxury and Disney that I am the second Google search result on the subject. Of course I’ve heard about these gray market services. My friends at our country club are shocked that I pay full price for the VIP service offered by Disney at $300 per hour. No, it’s not given to me by Disney or even discounted. I pay it fair and square. Though […] Continue reading →

Just in case you are too busy actually raising your children to think about what you want for Mother’s Day, I’ve been doing some thinking for both of us.  Feel free to send this link to your husband and/or children and gently suggest that perhaps instead of heading to mall on Saturday night to buy whatever they can find, they can click here and make this the best Mother’s Day ever. Vespa Who wouldn’t love to tool around the city of light Audrey Hepburn style? […] Continue reading →

I have always loved Kristin Chenoweth, but hearing how she took time out of her amazing career to care for her mother fighting breast cancer, I heart her even more. Her mother is a survivor and Kristin spoke at a luncheon hosted by The Moms and Martini last week in New York City. It gave me a great chance to meet one of my idols, wear pink and drink mid-day-um, what’s better than that? This was more than just fun fashion and mid-day boozing however. Money was donated to help fund […] Continue reading →

Nora Ephron was the poster girl for an era of bold women who redefined “feminist”. Like my other favorite author, Anna Quindlen, she was whip smart, quick witted, politically astute yet still a mom, and a wife, and a girl who worried about how she looked. She proved that as women, we can “have it all”. When she gave a commencement address at Wellesley College she told the graduates: “Maybe young women don’t wonder whether they can have it all any longer, […] Continue reading →

Those of you who really know me, know I was not “to the manor born”. More like “to the split level” or “to the crummy apartment”. Yes, this explains why I like fancy hotels so much-not that anyone needs a deep reason. When I was a kid, we vacationed only once every few years. My parents would load up the rusty brown station wagon, my brother and I would climb in the “way back” with the dogs, and off we’d ramble. We always went to the […] Continue reading →