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Glossybox review

You would think I’d have nailed this packing thing by now. I do it several times a month and still I struggle every time. Thanks to Delta’s habit of canceling or delaying flights on a whim I now pack carry on only. This means all of my toiletries have to conform to TSA regulations. Really, it depends on the airport. International airports are surprisingly way more serious about the whole clear bag thing – I’m looking at you London. So here’s the problem, […] Continue reading →

As a Verizon Lifestyle blogger I receive products for review. Those who know me know I might be the least technical person in the world. For this reason I outsource these reviews to my experts. Also known as my children. This review of the new Droid Ultra is from my 13 year old son. He is smarter than I am, really. […] Continue reading →

Have you heard of the Jawbone UP bracelet? I hadn’t My totally hot Fed Ex guy dropped off a shiny new Jawbone UP at my house the other day (that has nothing to do with the story, but seriously, this guy is smokin’). When I took it out of the box my husband freaked out. It might be the first time that he’s EVER been impressed by my job. Not the cover of Greenwich Magazine, not spots on CBS, but a free UP bracelet for review.     He knew all about it, apparently […] Continue reading →

Just in case you are too busy actually raising your children to think about what you want for Mother’s Day, I’ve been doing some thinking for both of us.  Feel free to send this link to your husband and/or children and gently suggest that perhaps instead of heading to mall on Saturday night to buy whatever they can find, they can click here and make this the best Mother’s Day ever. Vespa Who wouldn’t love to tool around the city of light Audrey Hepburn style? […] Continue reading →

“Disclosure: Sponsored by Capital One Venture. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Capital One Venture.”   Title got your attention right? When I signed up for the Venture card I wrote a story about it and said I would tell you all when I used my rewards. It took me a year and a half to finally do it. I admit I am a total point hoarder; I collect them and never use them. Am I the only one who reads stories of […] Continue reading →

Getting your child’s passport can seem confusing and overwhelming. Forms, more forms, pictures. It can be painless and done in less than 30 minutes. Let me show you how: Get all of your forms together ahead of time You will need: A DS 11 - This is used for the first time you apply AND if you renew your child’s passport while they are still a minor. A child’s passport is only good for 5 years. Their original birth certificate Both parents present at application – if […] Continue reading →

So I tried to be cool and go digital with my organization, iCal, iNotes, iThis, iThat. But then I would be in a different time zone and get all confused on what time to enter an event. Also, my kids can’t see what’s in my phone, neither can my husband, or babysitter. Yeah yeah, I could print it, but the wireless printer only works half the time. So I gave up on digital and started using my momAgenda Home Office agenda again. Pros It’s big and has lots of space to write […] Continue reading →


She Buys Cars

According to statistics, 80% of car buying decisions are made by women. I would argue it’s 100% since the other 20% are decisions made by men, in an attempt to impress women. The new website She Buys Cars is for women, by women, and car manufacturers are noticing. Founder Scotty Reiss recently went the New York Auto Show to check out the new line up from Detroit and to ask  the most important question, “where do I put my handbag?” She challenged readers to share pictures […] Continue reading →

I was recently asked to review the new Kid Kit custom travel cases, as you know I don’t often do reviews, but look how cute these are. Currently I am on the road at least every two weeks, the first month of 2013 I only spent four nights in my own bed. I am often asked “how do you do it?” Um, not very well it turns out. On the last three trips I took with my kids, I forgot their toiletries. Sometimes I forget my own, but it seems I almost always forget theirs. The worst […] Continue reading →

At least once a day someone asks me “how do you do it?” By “it” I’m assuming they mean maintain the facade of being some sort of supermom who can juggle a travel writing career with four kids (who go to four schools), and the puppy. I don’t do it well, but I have a few tricks. Good packing is one of them. I fly every two weeks on average. It’s hard to pack the right shoes, right clothes, right electronics. Those things change every trip. My make up […] Continue reading →