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Glossybox review

You would think I’d have nailed this packing thing by now. I do it several times a month and still I struggle every time. Thanks to Delta’s habit of canceling or delaying flights on a whim I now pack carry on only. This means all of my toiletries have to conform to TSA regulations. Really, it depends on the airport. International airports are surprisingly way more serious about the whole clear bag thing – I’m looking at you London. So here’s the problem, […] Continue reading →


Long before I was Luxury Travel Mom, I started the 10 Year Old Birthday Trip tradition. In a stroke of brilliance I decided that if I was taking a child on their once in a lifetime excursion, I wasn’t just doing it for me, I was being a great mom. […] Continue reading →

The article broke in the New York Post a few days ago. My inbox was flooded with friends asking me about it since I write so often about Luxury and Disney that I am the second Google search result on the subject. Of course I’ve heard about these gray market services. My friends at our country club are shocked that I pay full price for the VIP service offered by Disney at $300 per hour. No, it’s not given to me by Disney or even discounted. I pay it fair and square. Though […] Continue reading →

“Disclosure: Sponsored by Capital One Venture. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Capital One Venture.”   Title got your attention right? When I signed up for the Venture card I wrote a story about it and said I would tell you all when I used my rewards. It took me a year and a half to finally do it. I admit I am a total point hoarder; I collect them and never use them. Am I the only one who reads stories of […] Continue reading →

Getting your child’s passport can seem confusing and overwhelming. Forms, more forms, pictures. It can be painless and done in less than 30 minutes. Let me show you how: Get all of your forms together ahead of time You will need: A DS 11 - This is used for the first time you apply AND if you renew your child’s passport while they are still a minor. A child’s passport is only good for 5 years. Their original birth certificate Both parents present at application – if […] Continue reading →

Ever wish you could find and book great luxury properties, that are truly family friendly, all in one place? Well now you can. The Preferred Hotel Group has launched Preferred Family, a website designed just for the luxury traveling family. The folks at Preferred Hotels reached out to a select group of family travel bloggers to provide a live feed of timely and useful family travel information. I was initially skeptical about how luxury their suite of hotels might be. To my surprise I found […] Continue reading →


She Buys Cars

According to statistics, 80% of car buying decisions are made by women. I would argue it’s 100% since the other 20% are decisions made by men, in an attempt to impress women. The new website She Buys Cars is for women, by women, and car manufacturers are noticing. Founder Scotty Reiss recently went the New York Auto Show to check out the new line up from Detroit and to ask  the most important question, “where do I put my handbag?” She challenged readers to share pictures […] Continue reading →

Didn’t book your Spring Break travel yet? You’re not alone. In the New York area moms have been exhausted by a winter of Hurricane Sandy, snow storms, and, well, our children. This morning I shared some great ideas for affordable get aways on WCBS-NY’s “Live from The Couch” this morning. If you missed the segment, or are looking for the links I referenced on air, all of the information is here! Too lazy to read? I get it, watch the video. Washington, D.C. Just […] Continue reading →

Don’t use a travel agent? Think you get better deals on Expedia, Orbitz, whatever? Think a travel agent costs you money and is an antiquated idea? Think again. I started using a travel agent a few years ago. Delta cancelled our flight on a trip to Beaver Creek, by the time I reached a Delta agent we couldn’t get re- booked for another THREE DAYS. The condo was rented, we had shipped our gear ahead, and the lift tickets were pre-paid. We decided to bite the bullet and book a […] Continue reading →

I was recently asked to review the new Kid Kit custom travel cases, as you know I don’t often do reviews, but look how cute these are. Currently I am on the road at least every two weeks, the first month of 2013 I only spent four nights in my own bed. I am often asked “how do you do it?” Um, not very well it turns out. On the last three trips I took with my kids, I forgot their toiletries. Sometimes I forget my own, but it seems I almost always forget theirs. The worst […] Continue reading →