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If you are on Instagram you might feel like EVERYONE is in Paris right now, I know I do. My green French envy is really overwhelming. So much so that I am plotting a girls’ trip. Mr Evans has no idea (am now going to find out if he reads my blog) and I’m using Ana’s recent trip as a guide. To start, I will hire Flytographer to capture my glorious getaway. Ana introduced me to them, we did a photo session in SoHo for my daughter’s birthday and I am in love, I will […] Continue reading →


Long before I was Luxury Travel Mom, I started the 10 Year Old Birthday Trip tradition. In a stroke of brilliance I decided that if I was taking a child on their once in a lifetime excursion, I wasn’t just doing it for me, I was being a great mom. […] Continue reading →

[…] Continue reading →

Ever dreamed of living in Paris like a Parisian? Sipping coffee in your living room with a balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower…cooking romantic dinners a deux in your petit kitchen? I know, we can dream. But the next time I go to Paris I’m renting an apartment from Avenue Story. Though I’m not likely to get engaged like my girl Nadine did, I will at least have a washer and dryer for the children’s clothes and room to let them run. Her review of her time in Paris and […] Continue reading →

Every Friday travel bloggers post photos based on a theme for #FriFotos. This week’s theme? Room With a View The view from our suite at Shangri-La Paris deserves more than just one picture. Mostly because I think we snapped at least 100. I will only torture you with a few. This was a special girl’s trip, just me and Macie reviewing the hotel for Greenwich Magazine. When we arrived and saw our view, we teared up just a little. Then we photographed it, morning, noon and night. I […] Continue reading →

The gorgeous Nadine Jolie took my dream trip and did a champagne tasting with Veueve Clicquot in Reims, France. She described at “the Disneyland of champagne”. Clearly this needs to be my next trip. Until then I will just have to practice on my own. I’m getting pretty good you know. Mrs O flew across the pond to check out Newport, Rhode Island. Having only been there once, with children and dog in tow, she had a far better time. Ana and my other fab friend, Lauren DiMarco […] Continue reading →

The pressure is on. It’s time to plan your summer vacation, and as we moms keep getting reminded, you “only get 18 summers”. Well, I’ve got the next 10 covered for you. You’re welcome. The luxury travel moms at Ciao Bambino, Poshbrood and I are giving you the very best of the best. These curated trips are kid-tested, mom-approved and all first class. Don’t bother upgrading your flight, the blankets are still dirty and the food is terrible. Save up your […] Continue reading →

Where can you stay on the Champs Elysees that is not only luxury but loves your kids? The Hotel Lancaster is that magic combination of five star and family friendly. It’s a swank boutique hotel complete with period antiques and exquisite decor. This would usually mean “children not encouraged”. The Lancaster however loves kids. They were able to accommodate our family of six in a charming combination of rooms that meant everyone had their own space, and we could still […] Continue reading →