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I am a writer. Mostly about luxury travel, but I guess you figured that out, which makes you smart. Most of my readers are smart. I have four kids, I like at least half of them on any given day. We travel a lot, it’s not all glamorous, but if you follow me on Instagram you’ll think it is.


Luxury Travel Mom is an unflinchingly honest review site. If you want the real truth from someone who isn’t a Trip Advisor reviewer with an axe to grind or a wannabe luxury blogger who’s hoping for another free trip, I’m your girl. I can tell you that some Ritz’s are great, and some are crap. There are also hotels you’ve never heard of that will give you amazing value for your dollar. But I will never give a positive review for a mediocre experience, ask my kids, I have judged their school plays harshly.

We live between Greenwich, Connecticut and Newport Beach, California, which sounds fancier than it is, I worry we look like we’re on the run from something. We also have a home on Kiawah Island and I like to write about fried chicken and shark fishing, two of my favorite things.
  luxury-travel-mom-blog-kim-marie-evans-flytographer-evans_0105 regent palms, turks and caicos


Oh, and the impressive stuff, I’m actually a journalist, and the Travel Editor for Greenwich Magazine. I have done a lot of TV and been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and mocked on both the pages of the New York Times Style Section and the New York Post.



What’s New?


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