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You Need To Book Ski Travel NOW

29 September, 2020

Is it Safe to Visit Disney?

8 September, 2020


Discount first class airfare

SkyLuxTravel Book First and Business Class Seats for Less

  SkyLux Travel  is A Business and First Class Booking Company (This is a sponsored post, all reviews and opinions are my own based on my personal experience booking first

Disneyland Galaxy's Edge VIP

Insider Galaxy’s Edge Tips for Disneyland

      The Most Important Things to Know Before You Go to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge     You need a reservation until June 24th. Didn't score one online when

Dominick Hotel SoHo Review

SoHo Luxury The Dominick Hotel

  Love luxury but also want to be in the middle of the action (shopping action that is)? Try The Dominick Hotel a sleek high-rise in the middle of SoHo

New TWA Hotel JFK

First Look at Brand New TWA Hotel

  The brand new TWA Hotel just opened at JFK last week and Keaton and I booked a stay to see if it lived up to the hype. The main

My Day as a Dude

  This is my Mother's Day fantasy, one day as a dude. Wake up , leave underwear and towel on floor with full confidence that a team of elves will

detective pikachu movie review

Detective Pikachu Movie – Review

      You've heard the buzz, Pokemon Detective Pikachu is a really good movie. But you wonder if you can trust those reviews, what if  they were all written

Disneyland heroes assemble

Disneyland After Dark Heroes Assemble

    Tony Stark is alive and well and meeting me at Disneyland tonight.   Disney After Dark is the best event that Disney does in my opinion. The events

kim-marie Evans

The “It” Spring Bag You Need

  The circle is everywhere, it started with the straw bags (if all you need to carry is  one lipstick) and the shape has taken over every brand this season.

New Captain Marvel Movie Review

New Captain Marvel Movie Review

    Why am I reviewing a Marvel movie?   Because it's a chick super hero - and I love chick super heroes.   Also, I have a house full

how to rent ski clothes

Top Seven Reasons to Rent Your Ski Clothes

  Didn't even know that renting ski clothes was a thing? It is. Let me tell you how to rent ski clothes this season and why it might be the


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