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Kerstin Florian Skincare Review

20 September, 2019


New Captain Marvel Movie Review

New Captain Marvel Movie Review

    Why am I reviewing a Marvel movie?   Because it's a chick super hero - and I love chick super heroes.   Also, I have a house full

how to rent ski clothes

Top Seven Reasons to Rent Your Ski Clothes

  Didn't even know that renting ski clothes was a thing? It is. Let me tell you how to rent ski clothes this season and why it might be the

a girls guide to cars

A Girls Guide to Buying a New Car

  Buying a car while female is different than buying one while male.     Read an article in any magazine and you'll find evidence that women pay more for

Fashion Friday – Fashion Staples on Cyber Monday

I'm not a big sale shopper. A girlfriend recently told me that her mom never looked at price tags while shopping (don't roll your eyes, keep reading). She would try

women traveling alone

Staying Safe When You Travel

  A few small tips can help you (or your daughter) stay safe while traveling.   This story was inspired by a question I posed to followers before I sent

Join Me and Lexus for Pet Safety in Carlsbad

    This post is part of a pet safety campaign sponsored by Lexus.   Want to learn how to safely transport your best friend and meet me and my

Necker Cup 2018

Private Yacht, Necker Island and Tennis Greats

    One of my favorite yacht charter companies,iYacht Club, is offering a super luxe package for next month's Necker Cup. Yes, that one, with Sir Richard Branson. They are

four seasons Orlando spa

Spa Massage after Disneyworld at Four Seasons Orlando

  You won't find the words "relaxation" and "Disney" in many google searches. Taking kids to the parks is fun, but oh so full body tiring. My youngest has recently

what to do in bermuda

Nine Reasons to Fly to Bermuda this Weekend

Pink Sand Beaches for Miles and Miles   There are 34 official beaches in Bermuda. You can hit one of the most famous, Horseshoe Bay,  named one of the Caribbean’s

Best pick up truck for moms

Toyota Tacoma Review

      Toyota and A Girls Guide to Cars asked me to participate in a marketing campaign, Toyota specifically chose me to review trucks in their "adventure" category. This


What’s New?

Kerstin Florian Skincare Review

20 September, 2019


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