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29 September, 2020

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8 September, 2020


blantyre berkshires massachussets luxury hotel

Mother’s Day at Blantyre

Looking for a Mother's Day getaway like no other? Blantyre Resort in the Berkshires is giving you the chance to live the Great Gatsby fantasy. Minus the drama, add mom,


War Horse the Movie – I Hated It

[caption id="attachment_539" align="aligncenter" width="535"] These two don't die, but everyone else does[/caption] I love boys, I have three of them, I love horses, I ride whenever I can.  They all

What? You haven't sent your Christmas cards yet???

What? You haven’t sent your Christmas cards yet???

Anyone remember their mom panicking about getting the "perfect" family photo, turning it in a masterpiece of a holiday card and sending it 200 of her nearest and dearest? Me

mary poppins is a hit

Mary Poppins is a Hit

Ok, so you've already heard that Mary Poppins has been getting rave Broadway reviews. The big news? It's a hit with my jaded kids. We took them to see the

Super Glam Jamaica All Inclusive-Bluefields Bay Villas

Super Glam Jamaica All Inclusive – Bluefields Bay Villas

When I think of all inclusive resorts, I think of bad food and drink tickets. I avoid them at all costs. Bluefields Bay is a completely different type of all

Luxury and Philanthropy in Jamaica

Luxury and Philanthropy in Jamaica

  Have you ever planned a fabulous vacation at a posh resort that happens to be on a poor island or in a developing country and then struggled to really

Luxury Family Vacation Giveaway – Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels

Win an amazing luxury family vacation at one of three swank Four Seasons locations. Enter to win the trip of a lifetime for your luxury traveling family. Will it be

four seasons house car

Luxury Hotel House Cars

Ever notice the swank car buffed to a mirror shine posed just outside the door of most fine hotels?  Think it's just for the use of dignitaries, VIP's and Donald

the cove at atlantis bahamas

The Cove Atlantis-Where all the cool kids stay

Heading to Paradise? The Atlantis Resort is a behemoth of a property, the water park alone is the size of a small country. This makes it the go-to destination for

tips for traveling with pre teen paris

5 tips for traveling with pre-teens

Do you own a pre-teen? Then you already know that they are pack animals. They don't get dressed in the morning until they've all conferred on whether they are wearing


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