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four seasons house car

Luxury Hotel House Cars

Ever notice the swank car buffed to a mirror shine posed just outside the door of most fine hotels?  Think it's just for the use of dignitaries, VIP's and Donald

the cove at atlantis bahamas

The Cove Atlantis-Where all the cool kids stay

Heading to Paradise? The Atlantis Resort is a behemoth of a property, the water park alone is the size of a small country. This makes it the go-to destination for

tips for traveling with pre teen paris

5 tips for traveling with pre-teens

Do you own a pre-teen? Then you already know that they are pack animals. They don't get dressed in the morning until they've all conferred on whether they are wearing

hotel lancaster paris

Hotel Lancaster-Five Star, Family Friendly and in the heart of Paris

Where can you stay on the Champs Elysees that is not only luxury but loves your kids? The Hotel Lancaster is that magic combination of five star and family friendly.

educating haiti international mission trip luxury travel mom

An Emotional First Day in Haiti

Arriving in Port au Prince feels at first as if you've just landed in any modern airport anywhere in the world. Then you realize you are on a new jetway

hosted villas provence france

Provencal Wine Tour

    Don’t judge me for serving my children wine, according to the French there is no drinking age, one of the many reasons I love the French. We recently



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