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Hotel Review: Curtain Bluff, Antigua

Curtain Bluff just re-opened after a 13 million dollar facelift. For those of you who know and love this property, fear not, it's the same, just better. Sort of like

Open Letter to Young Mothers – Please Stop Worrying

I see you in the Facebook groups, you're worried about:   Does the baby sleep enough? Too much? At the right time? Is it okay that they fall asleep with

Marigot Bay Resort and Marina by Capella

Marigot Bay Resort and Marina by Capella – Birthday Giveaway

Regular Luxury Travel Mom readers know that my favorite thing to do for my birthday is to share my favorite places with my favorite people - you! Today is my

Momtourage Hotel Review: Gurney’s Resort, Newport, Rhode Island

This is a momtourage review by the amazing Kate Rockland who was married in Newport, loves the area and returned to review the swanky new Gurney's Resort that just opened

What Not to Say to Someone Who has Lost Everything

What Not to Say to Someone Who has Lost Everything

The news is heartbreaking, thousands of families who have lost everything. And another hurricane on the way. What is more heartbreaking is the news coverage we hear, which prompted me

24hours in myrtle beach luxury travel mom

24 Hours in Myrtle Beach

We just had the best, cheesiest, cheapest, ridiculously fun 24 hours in Myrtle Beach.     Yes, you read that correctly. No, Myrtle Beach has not gone upscale, there were

disney springs luxury disney

What to do in Disney Springs

What used to be called "Downtown Disney" has been renovated, relaunched and is now truly worthy of a visit. I can highly recommend a few restaurants, and some great entertainment.

What to Do in Napa Valley - As Seen on CBS

What to Do in Napa Valley – As Seen on CBS

Wine Tastings   Because really, why else are you going to Napa? However, all wine tastings are NOT the same, you can bum around and drop into tasting rooms for a

mothers day luxury travel mom

Helping Mothers on Mother’s Day

Sometimes I get an offer I can't refuse. Promote some gorgeous earrings that are loved by celebs around the world, give away a pair to my darling readers, and help

las alcobas napa valley luxury hotel review

Hotel Review: Las Alcobas, Napa Valley, California

For the first time in seventeen years, there is a brand new boutique hotel in Napa Valley. They just opened a few days ago and I was lucky enough to



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