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Fashion Friday – Jumpsuits

    A jumpsuit is your new go to piece for travel this summer. I bought this Bella Dahl jumpsuit a month ago and have worn it almost weekly, I

Kid Friendly Broadway

  Following last night's Tony's with the super hip host James Corden, everyone's thinking about Broadway. Can I get tickets to Hamilton? What other shows are kid friendly? Will my

fashion friday my inspiration mom trends nicole

Fashion Friday – My Inspiration

I've been thinking a lot about who inspires me lately. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have grown up with a super chic mom, I did not, actually, none of my

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Fashion Friday – shorts

    Fashion Friday   Today's Fashion Friday is all about the shorts. It's that time of year when we haul our pasty legs out for the world to see.

fashion friday luxury travel mom 2

Fashion Friday – my new series

This is a new segment on Luxury Travel Mom based on all the requests I get for "What to Wear". I will still be doing packing advice for various resorts

Traveling with Just One Child - The Mommy and Me 10 Year Old Birthday Trips luxury travel mom

Buying Medical Insurance When You Travel

  I'm headed back to Haiti this summer, it will be my fifth visit - but the first time I'll be going with travel medical insurance. My husband accuses me of being

What to Wear - Adventures by Disney Costa Rica

What to Wear – Adventures by Disney Costa Rica

Thinking about booking Adventures by Disney Costa Rica but you're not sure what to pack? Helping you is my purpose in life. This adventure is a one week trip across

Eddie the Eagle - Movie Review

Eddie the Eagle – Movie Review

No spoilers here, Eddie's story is a true tale of perseverance and chutzpah, he told his own story in a book that was made into what I believe will be

Country Thyme Boozy Lemonade - Cocktail Recipe

Country Thyme Boozy Lemonade – Cocktail Recipe

  A resort review just isn’t complete without the dl on cocktails – I mean that’s really where the vacation starts, right? Momtourage Karin did her due diligence in tracking

All Women's Surf Camp - Chicabrava

Busy Mom? No Time for Sick Days – Vick’s

No time for sick days? Me neither. Vick's sponsored this amazing ski guide that has great advice about where to ski, what to pack, how to stay gorgeous on the



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