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The “It” Spring Bag You Need

  The circle is everywhere, it started with the straw bags (if all you need to carry is  one lipstick) and the shape has taken over every brand this season.

Fashion Friday – Fashion Staples on Cyber Monday

I'm not a big sale shopper. A girlfriend recently told me that her mom never looked at price tags while shopping (don't roll your eyes, keep reading). She would try

travel tech guide luxury travel mom 1000

Top Five Travel Tech Gadgets

 These are the MUST HAVE items for your next trip. I own every single one and have used, lost or broken at least a dozen more. These are the very

Traveling with Just One Child - The Mommy and Me 10 Year Old Birthday Trips luxury travel mom

Buying Medical Insurance When You Travel

  I'm headed back to Haiti this summer, it will be my fifth visit - but the first time I'll be going with travel medical insurance. My husband accuses me of being


Luxury Travel Mom Gift Guide – The Gift of Time

We all have enough stuff. We have so much stuff that we are obsessed with books about getting rid of our stuff. Purging our junk is the latest fad.  

Cute Bags - Special LTM Discount - The Catrinka Project

Cute Bags – Special LTM Discount – The Catrinka Project

The contest is over-the folks at The Catrinka Project chose Nicole Christensen as the winner. Congratulations Nicole. Her quote was "I am passionate about helping women and girls because when

Luxury Travel Holiday Gift Guide - Huge Discounts on My Favorite Things (just for you)

Luxury Travel Holiday Gift Guide – Huge Discounts on My Favorite Things (just for you)

Yes, I'm that person who starts listening to Christmas carols before Halloween. My cards have been printed since September and it's only because no one is selling live Christmas trees

emme bag cosmetics wash toiletry baf

Packing Perfection – The EMME Bag Reviewed

I am always on the look out for the perfect bag. Hand bag, suitcase, travel bag. There are a lot of poorly designed travel accessories out there. When I was

Review - Kid Kit Travel Cases

Review – Kid Kit Travel Cases

I was recently asked to review the new Kid Kit custom travel cases, as you know I don't often do reviews, but look how cute these are. Currently I am

tieks shoe obsession flat shoes

Tieks – My New Shoe Obsession

You might be surprised to hear that my new favorite shoe doesn't sport a four inch heel. It's probably because all of my other shoes do that I love these



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