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should you take your kids to show dogs the movie

Movie Review: Show Dogs – Is It Appropriate for Children?

  Show Dogs Movie Review   The recently released children's movie Show Dogs is receiving a lot of online criticism and you are rightly wondering if you should take your


Preschool Clues by Angela Santomero

Launched Today - Preschool Clues: Raising Smart, Inspired, and Engaged Kids in a Screen-Filled World   Win a personally autographed copy of Angela's brand new book Preschool Clues and some

mean girls broadway new york musical review luxury travel mom

Mean Girls Broadway Review – By Theater Teens

  There are perhaps no harsher critics of well most things in life, than theater teens. They're snarky, often well read, and generous with their opinions. Mean Girls just opened

Open Letter to Young Mothers – Please Stop Worrying

I see you in the Facebook groups, you're worried about:   Does the baby sleep enough? Too much? At the right time? Is it okay that they fall asleep with

Marigot Bay Resort and Marina by Capella

Marigot Bay Resort and Marina by Capella – Birthday Giveaway

Regular Luxury Travel Mom readers know that my favorite thing to do for my birthday is to share my favorite places with my favorite people - you! Today is my

What Not to Say to Someone Who has Lost Everything

What Not to Say to Someone Who has Lost Everything

The news is heartbreaking, thousands of families who have lost everything. And another hurricane on the way. What is more heartbreaking is the news coverage we hear, which prompted me

mothers day luxury travel mom

Helping Mothers on Mother’s Day

Sometimes I get an offer I can't refuse. Promote some gorgeous earrings that are loved by celebs around the world, give away a pair to my darling readers, and help

Lubriderm is the Best Base Layer

Lubriderm is the Best Base Layer

  Pile it On     If there’s one things that ski moms know, it’s how to layer. I’ve dressed little people to ski in sub zero temperatures with frost

why travel matters luxury travel mom keaton

Why Travel Matters

  It's no secret that I believe the best gift you can give to your children (and to yourself) is the gift of travel. No matter your politics, we can

kim-marie-evans cbs new york

Last Minute Holiday Travel Deals – As Seen on CBS

I can't be the only one who keeps booking holiday travel at the last minute, right? The hardest part is finding the magical combination of hotels that have space and



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