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You Need To Book Ski Travel NOW

29 September, 2020

Is it Safe to Visit Disney?

8 September, 2020


Discount first class airfare

SkyLuxTravel Book First and Business Class Seats for Less

  SkyLux Travel  is A Business and First Class Booking Company (This is a sponsored post, all reviews and opinions are my own based on my personal experience booking first

New TWA Hotel JFK

First Look at Brand New TWA Hotel

  The brand new TWA Hotel just opened at JFK last week and Keaton and I booked a stay to see if it lived up to the hype. The main

Jennifer Aniston on Emirates-Um, I did it First Betch luxury travel mom

Jennifer Aniston on Emirates – Um, I did it First, Betch

Can I just go on record as saying that this betch needs to stop copying me? The new YouTube of Jennifer Aniston on Emirates has gone viral. Um, she hates

Why Jet Blue Kicks All the Other Airline asses

Why Jet Blue Kicks All the Other Airline’s A@#$s

It's no secret that I fly a lot. It's also not a secret that I have some strong opinions, especially about air travel. I want you all to be the

air mauritius business class review

Air Mauritius – Business Class Review

When I found out we would be flying Air Mauritius for our recent trip to review Le Prince Maurice I was nervous. It sounded small. I've read stories about people



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