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Glossybox Review-My Luxe Travel Packing Secret

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You would think I’d have nailed this packing thing by now. I do it several times a month and still I struggle every time. Thanks to Delta’s habit of canceling or delaying flights on a whim I now pack carry on only. This means all of my toiletries have to conform to TSA regulations. Really, it depends on the airport. International airports are surprisingly way more serious about the whole clear bag thing – I’m looking at you London. So here’s the problem, it’s hard to find travel versions of the products I use. CVS only sells Prell, no Kerastase. Same with facial products, and the sample sizes they have at the Saks counter only last for a day or two. I know, first world problems, but really, you started reading this, it’s a little late to start judging now. When I tried the Goo tubes everyone raved about I ended up with shampoo all over my shoes. Enter Glossybox. It’s a subscription to a monthly box of goodies. Sometimes it’s make up, last month it was an exclusive La Prairie box.

Glossy Box

My counter at the Gansevoort in Turks and Caicos this week

You can buy one month, several months, or give a subscription as a gift. To all you guys reading this, and I know you do, I have analytics people, this is a fab Valentine’s Day gift. There is also a men’s Glossybox.

Here’s the link to subscribe: Glossybox.

I have been lucky enough to be asked to do a Glossybox review and have received a few boxes gratis. I’m not lying when I tell you that I’m obsessed. The La Prairie box was so good I’m buying bigger sizes of the product. You really need to try something more than once or twice to know how it works on your skin (I know, I’ve lost the guys now, you think this comes naturally this skin??)

I don’t pack my toiletries in a clear bag, nor do I pull them out at security and thus far have not been stopped (except in London). But I always adhere to the 100ml rule. I have had really nice perfume thrown out by crabby agents before.

Glossybox review

Hello sexy beach hair

Would I buy sea salt spray to take on my next trip to Hawaii? Maybe not, but a TSA sized bottle just arrived and I plan to have sexy beach hair next week at Aulani.


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