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29 September, 2020

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Ask KM – Disney VIP Tours – Cuban Mojitos

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Question About Disneyworld VIP Tour Service

Hi KM,
I have a couple of questions about this too ๐Ÿ™‚ … looking for something new to do in the world, and we have yet to utilize this service. I have found DW planning to only become increasingly more stressful and feel this may be a better way to make the trip more stress-free.
1. Have you used this service since they rolled out the new FP+? Last time we were there, it was when FP+ first started and we found even the FP+ lines to be very long (not “walk on” like they used to be). I’m hoping this has changed since FP+ is official now, but I heard the VIP guides are more of a “personal fast pass” and was wondering if that’s still the case – where they just put you in the FP+ line? Iโ€™m struggling with the idea of this being worth it vs. a glorified fast pass.

Answer-It is true that they don’t put you in the front of the line, they just get you to the Fast Pass lines. I have found the Fast Pass lines to still be much faster than regular lines. Since you can only get three Fast Passes per day when you pre-book them, using the guide is still very advantageous. I honestly never stood in line for more than 10 minutes. Also, they can get you on the rides that are really hard to get Fast Passes for like Mine Train.

2. We will probably only book for the min. 6 hours (since we’re only 2 people) – did you schedule your dining during those 6 hours or wait? Be Our Guest is sold out during our MK day and I wonder if our guide could help with that, or if itโ€™s too much to ask?

Answer-VIP guides can’t help with dining reservations that are sold out. They can make reservations for you so you don’t have to make the call, but they don’t have priority access. We ate at the end of our six hours and then she had seating for us at the parade. Your six hours starts when they pick you up and they don’t stop the clock when you are eating so we grabbed food to go as needed.

3. If they can’t accept a cash tip do you think they could accept a gift card? Or is it a strict “no tipping, period”? I feel funny NOT tipping for something like this!

Answer-You really and truly do not need to tip, a hug and a heartfelt thank you are all that is needed. However, I did get a guide on the phone (I take Ask KM very seriously) and he told them that guests do in fact tip, they don’t expect it but they will accept it. He also told me that generally guides will join you for a quick meal, very few people book a sit down restaurant as you are paying for that hour.

4. We’re big on fireworks – do you know if the viewing area is special or if it’s just the FP+ viewing area?
Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Lauren from A Dash of Luxury Blog

Answer-At EPCOT Illuminations and at the Fantasmic show there is dedicated special seating for VIP Tour guests only. At Magic Kingdom the seating is with Fast Pass Plus but they are working on creating a dedicated space. My best recommendation for VIP Fireworks viewing is to take a Fireworks Cruise. Here is my post on How to Book a Disney Fireworks Cruise.

Also, I updated my post 5 Great Reasons to Book a Disney VIP Tour to reflect the new prices. They are now $400-$600 per hour with a six hour minimum.

Let me know what you end up doing and how it goes.



Why Mojitos Taste Better in Cuba

In my story about How to Travel to Cuba I wondered why mojitos taste better in Cuba and I can’t seem to replicate the taste here in the US. Trust me, I’ve tried. A reader commented yesterday:

In cuba they dont use mint for mojitos. They use “yerba buena” (good grass). It comes from the spearmint family.


He even included a link to his menu for Agozar NYC that explains how to grow yerba buena, which you know I’m going to immediately start doing. I take cocktail research seriously. Also, going to try this Cuban restaurant in the Bowery.







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