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Peter Pan at the New Victory Theater – Keaton’s Review – Two Thumbs Up

Peter Pan at the New Victory Theater
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Peter Pan New Victory Theater

If you’re not familiar with the New Victory Theater, you really need to check it out. They are right next door to the Spider Man show on 42nd street, tickets are a fraction of the price and the performances are heads and shoulders above silly Spidey.

We have reviewed several of their shows, this weekend we saw Peter Pan which is visiting from Australia where it played to rave reviews. Of all the shows Keaton has seen, this is by far his favorite. It even made his weekend news for school.

Peter Pan New Victory Theater

Keaton thinks it might be too scary for babies because Captain Hook gets eaten, I would disagree. The show really appeals to all ages, especially moms. The lost boys make Wendy their mom and all anyone wants is to get tucked in to bed at night. The show was engaging for everyone from 2 to 82 and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Keaton and I were the guests of the New Victory Theater for review purposes. I bought Macie’s ticket for a whopping $38 because once she saw the trailer video, she wanted to join us. Even a jaded 15 year old girl loved the show. So how’s that for an endorsement?



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