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TIA Girl Club – “Today I Am” – Helping Young Girls Believe in Themselves

TIA Girl Club - Today I Am - Helping Young Girls Believe in Themselves
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TIA Girl Club

Little girls are amazing. They believe they can run fast, jump high and grow up to be President.


Until they become pre-teens, and then something drastic changes. These amazing little creatures start to be what they think the world wants them to be. Meek, pretty, quiet…not too bossy, not too tomboy, not too….themselves. It’s called camouflaging.


TIA Girl Club

TIA Girl Club


This news might not be surprising to you, the #likeagirl campaign has done an amazing job of bringing this problem into the national consciousness. But if you have a tween girl or know one, how can you help?


My longtime friend and amazing mom Vanessa Schenck has just launched a revolutionary company called TIA Girls Club.




On Instagram they have thousands and thousands of little girls who submit photos and tell the world what they are today. If they let middle aged woman submit mine would be TODAY I AM – A SURFER. It’s very empowering.


TIA Girl Club


Vanessa has created this powerful video to talk about what they are doing – I’m telling you – you will be inspired after you watch it-take a minute-pour a cup of coffee and click:



So what exactly IS TIA Girl Club? It’s a community and more. Girls can interact just on social media and be inspired, or they can subscribe to their super awesome TIA Girl Club boxes. These come with motivation and more. Each box introduces the girls to a trailblazer, maybe a female race car driver, or astronaut, or mother of four surfing travel writer (*cough hint*). Then the girls have the opportunity to interact directly with the trailblazer and be inspired to stop camouflaging and start being their authentic selves.


How can you get involved? They have a kickstarter campaign where you can subscribe for your daughter, niece, best friend’s daughter. You can get a welcome kit sent to a deserving TIA Girl with a small contribution and subscription boxes are discounted.


TIA Girl Club


They have already met their funding goal but I think this is a GREAT way to buy a gift for a little girl in your life or more importantly, gift one to the little girls on social media who already LOVE TIA and would be thrilled to get a surprise subscription box.

Here’s to little girls (and grown women) believing in themselves.



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