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Cute Bags – Special LTM Discount – The Catrinka Project

Cute Bags - Special LTM Discount - The Catrinka Project
Read Carefully

The contest is over-the folks at The Catrinka Project chose Nicole Christensen as the winner. Congratulations Nicole. Her quote was

“I am passionate about helping women and girls because when you lift a woman, often you can also change the trajectory of her children’s lives.”

However-you can still buy a bag at a 15% discount and employ a woman-educate a girl.

If you didn’t read my first post, here is my interview with Founder and CEO Megan Reilly Cayten. We did a little contest and bag giveaway. However many of my readers just hopped over and bought bags. Some of you told me that you thought only the Lalita bag was for sale. Au contraire. They have a huge selection of bags that are even cool enough for my teen daughter to carry. She has this leather bag and is toting it all over LA this week. She won’t let me photograph her, I swear she’s more difficult than the artist formerly known as Prince. So here is the PR pic of the bag. One of my babysitters tells me she’s buying it for her mom as a gift. These bags are great gifts as they have so much meaning.


Here are a few more photos of bags, but you can just go to the site and see everything they offer – The Catrinka Project.


Here is the story behind the Maria Elena:

Handmade in Mexico

A bold and unforgettable clutch in this season’s must-have color, red. The textile is a celebration of the diamonds pattern traditional to Chiapas, with a modern color combination. The large zip top interior has room for everything you need, and the front pocket keeps a cell phone close at hand.

In the textile, the design that looks like a cross on the red edges is an orchid. In the local language where it was woven, totzil, it is called “K’urus e’ch”. The blue diamonds mean the universe. These are traditional colors in Chiapas, updated in new combinations.


The fabric for this bag was woven by María Elena in Aldama, Chiapas. The bag was assembled in an ethical factory outside of Mexico City. Each bag provided 4 days of fair work for women in Mexico. The sale of each bag will provide a week of life skills mentoring for adolescent indigenous Mayan girls through our 2014 NGO partner, Redmi.

The bag:

Catrinka Maria Elena Clutch

The woman behind the bag:


I am honored that The Catrinka Project chose Luxury Travel Mom to help spread the word about their amazing initiatives. If you have a birthday coming up, you will likely be getting one of these bags from me. Because, if we don’t support each other-who will?

Use code LTM2 at check out and please pop by and tell me how much you loved your bag or tag me in your photos, I’d love to see it.

Shop HERE.


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