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Fashion Friday – Transition Layering

Fashion Friday - Transition Layering
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This is a follow on of last week’s Fashion Friday – layering. Ok, it was two weeks ago, who’s keeping track? I know you are, you tell me. I’m trying to keep up. Damn kids. Didn’t read it? Here’s the link – you’ll find the black dress there.





Anywho. Back to the basic black dress that will take you from summer into late fall. Now that it’s cooling off the sandals just aren’t as comfortable. Also, I really hate wearing open toes running around the city. So dirty. What’s the solution? The bootie. The bootie is actually the only shoe you need this fall. I have been obsessed with these for a few years and now they are everywhere. The pair I’m wearing in the photo are several years old from Calypso. I actually bought a new pair but they weren’t as comfortable so I gave them to my daughter and just keep wearing the old ones. The ones at Calypso right now are not my fave, they have a weird tassel. You literally can’t shake a stick in any shoe department without knocking over 20 pair of ankle booties. The key is to find a pair that is neutral and comfortable, there’s some seriously ugly crap out there. Don’t fall for it. I like the Rag and Bone booties this season. This pair is $475 at Saks, I think the price is worth it for a classic boot. Make sure you spray them with suede protector.



Last week (ok, 2 weeks ago) I added a scarf for when it’s a little chilly. Now that it’s closer to actually cold cold, I pull on my favorite cashmere sweater. This is the PERFECT piece and you will wear it with everything. It’s from Zadig and Voltaire. I discovered the store in Paris a decade ago (doesn’t that sound obnoxious?)-they are now in the US and online. I bought the sweater last spring at a store in Vegas but it’s still online AND right now they are having a friends and family sale. I know.





Use code: VZFALL until Monday for 25% off. The sweater isn’t cheap, the sale takes some of the sting out. But I’m telling you, I find a reason to wear it almost weekly. It’s soft like tissue but stylish and sexy. Good featherweight cashmere is hard to find, this is a piece you will love for years.


Last spring (transition from winter-getting the theme?) I wore it with a 15 year old leather skirt, a pair of leather booties and took it out in NY. It’s the rare sweater that can look as good on the town as it does in the carpool line.




The bag is a classic Chloe Marcie bag. It’s the perfect size for either going out for the day or as a night bag. I don’t carry it as often as I would like since I’m still carrying a pile of junk around for my kids. Just like the Chanel cross body wallet from a few months ago, it’s a bag that’s worth the investment, a neutral that is edgy enough to not be boring, but boring enough to not go out of style anytime soon.




All photos by Mandy Fisher shot in Brooklyn. Fashion Friday is not sponsored (yet). I really enjoy sharing my love of trying to stay hot, or at least not embarrassing, while raising 4 kids and turning 50.



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