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Fashion Friday – Jumpsuits

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A jumpsuit is your new go to piece for travel this summer. I bought this Bella Dahl jumpsuit a month ago and have worn it almost weekly, I get compliments every single time I put it on. It’s comfortable enough to wear on the plane and is actually more comfortable than a tired old pair of sweats, and looks better. It can go to the beach or out to the club. The only downside is getting a little nuded up when you head to the ladies room, totally worth it in my opinion. I bought mine in a medium and had the straps taken up at the tailor. I’ve seen it modeled on websites without the blousy fabric you get from going up a size and think it’ not nearly as cute.






I wore it on our trip to Atlantis this week, on the plane I wore a little sweater, when we got out in the muggy heat I was comfortable. When we arrived at VIP check in I felt like I didn’t look like I had just slept on the plane.




Here it is styled three ways. Wear it on the plane with a sweater, with a scarf and hat on the beach. Put a leather jacket over it, some great jewelry and sexy shoes, you’re ready to hit the club.




If you’re new to Luxury Travel Mom, welcome. Fashion Friday is my weekly attempt to help other moms feel a little hotter, but still able to walk the dog and drive carpool. You know, like the super women we are. Check out my other Fashion Friday posts.


Photo credit: Mandy Fisher



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