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Fashion Friday – Packing for Atlantis

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I just announced a giveaway on my site for a three night stay at Atlantis Bahamas. To win you need to watch the YouTube series that we created with Atlantis and comment on the videos. For as many people who have entered the giveaway, I have been getting messages asking, “Where’s that swimsuit from?” “I love the turquoise necklace, who makes it?”  So I decided to make today’s edition a guide to what I wore and where to get it. The upside is great info, the downside is that I took screenshots from the videos and I easily have the most oddly expressive face in the world because snagging a screenshot where I don’t like drunk or deranged proved challenging. So just don’t look at my face, k?


Swimsuit, Hat and Sunglasses




It’s not easy to find a swimsuit where you are willing to be videotaped for a mass audience and even captured squished into a tube. I don’t care who you are, if you’ve had four kids (or are just freaking human) you’ve got some belly. The orange one piece was purchased at a local boutique. It’s by Robin Piccone and I realized I also have one of her sexy lacy numbers, I bought the lacy suit because it looks like a bikini but is actually a full suit. Every time I wear both suits I get compliments. The orange one piece is the Ava keyhole and is on sale. The lacy number is not for sale anymore but she has many similar styles on the website.




These sunglasses are the perfect travel sunglasses, they were $65, they stick to your face even on water slides, and they look super cute. I got mine at a little store in the Hamptons, I found them online at Bloomingdales for you. They are by See, but for some reason they don’t feature them on their website. So silly.




The hat in the cover photo is from Flora Bella. Hats mostly look cute in photos, in reality I find them to be a pain in the ass. They are hard to transport and wreck your hair when you’re wearing them. But, they do look cute and they protect your face from the sun. Don’t waste your money on an expensive straw bag, I got mine from Target for $15.


Silky Dresses for Travel




You know how much I love Bella Dahl, now meet Ramy Brook. I have stacks of her silk dresses in all colors. They are the perfect travel piece, they roll up into a tiny ball and can be worn to the beach, to lunch or with heels and jewelry for a dinner out. I am wearing the Paris dress, it comes in sleeveless like I am wearing and also in long sleeves. Guess what the long sleeved dress would look great with? Booties!


Macie is wearing Parker, one of the most flattering dress designers ever.





This Parker dress is about 5 years old and I love it every time I wear, I’ve worn it on TV so much it might appear that I have no other clothes. I actually gave it to Macie, but then took it back, sorry Mace.


Cold Shoulder


The cold shoulder is going to be in for a while, invest in a top or dress. It’s a flattering style for almost everyone, shoulders are sexy. Big chest, small chest, they all look good in this style. Add a statement necklace and take the look up a notch. The blue top in the Atlantis videos is Rag and Bone, I spent too much money on it. I recently snagged this off the shoulder denim dress on Zara, it’s only $49. You could buy 5 of these dresses for what the Rag and Bone top cost.








I took the same top and necklace, paired it with a skort from Club Monaco, added some wedge espadrilles and wore it to Virtuoso Travel Week. Club Monaco has a lot of great skirts and shorts on sale, buy them now and hold for next spring. I like the length, not too much thigh, but still cute and short.


The Perfect Summer Dress




Can we start with the fact that it’s impossible to take a screen shot from video without looking like a freak? Anyhow, this dress if from Sundry, I have it in several colors It’s racerback, ruched and cotton. It’s flattering, it can be dressed up or down and is wicked comfortable. A blue button down shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing you can own. I wear it under sweaters in the winter and over swimsuits as a cover up in the summer., it does double duty over sundresses. On the Sundry website the dress is only available in sienna and black right now. They have a good variety of cotton dresses with fabulous ruching over the belly…which is key.





The Necklace


My turquoise necklace is so old I wouldn’t even know where to look. Fun statement necklaces can run from super cheap to pricey. I love this Viktoria Hayman piece on Nieman Marcus. But you can get the same effect for much less money. Nicole Feliciano is the queen of the statement necklace. She has this yellow number that I have seen on so many press trips, I think she got it from Marshall’s. She wears it with white jeans and a white t-shirt and looks super glam. The key with big jewelry is to keep everything else simple. Also, turquoise never goes out of style.




Enter the Giveaway


You can win a three night stay at Atlantis, all the details are HERE.





Packing for Atlantis


Here is my video on what to pack and why you need it. You can also download my Free Family Packing Lists for more packing advice.




This post was not sponsored, the terms and conditions of the giveaway are on the blog post linked above.



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