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Fashion Friday – Ponchos

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I know, you’re thinking of the poncho your 7th grade art teacher wore. The one who liked to play Joan Baez and taught you macrame. Oh, that’s just me?


Ponchos are a great layering piece for fall. Hard to wear in winter because you can’t pull a coat over them. This week I’m giving you two different looks, one very lightweight and one that will actually keep you warm.




This silk poncho is from Caryna Nina, Caryna is a model turned clothing designer. She has collected silk for years and turned her treasures into ponchos and kimonos. They are super hard to find online, I bought mine at a little boutique in Old Greenwich called Back 40 Mercantile. Call the owner Katrina at 203-637-0240 and she can try to source something similar for you.


I’m wearing it over old jeans, a tank top and the booties I told you you needed last week. Hear me now, believe me later, you need a pair and you will wear them with EVERYTHING.


ffponcho1 ffponcho


The necklace is from a gift shop at the El Mangroove hotel in Costa Rica. Whenever I travel I try to buy a piece of jewelry as a souvenir. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be special to you. There’s a lot of tassel jewelry everywhere right now and I’m still not tired of it. Try layering a few together or adding another long necklace with one. They have cute necklaces at Back 40, or you can look here at Nordstrom, there is a range from $20 to over $100.




As the temperatures drop, you’ll need something a little warmer. I bought this poncho from Rani Arabella last year at a little boutique in Litchfield, CT called R Derwin Clothiers. Her stuff isn’t easy to find, and it’s expensive (if I remember correctly, north of 1k shh), but it’s worth it. The quality is beyond compare and you aren’t going to find everyone else wearing it. One of the reasons I do most of my shopping at boutiques is because I desperately don’t want to look like a J Crew mannequin.


ffponchoorange2 ffponchoorange1 ffponchoorange


I’m wearing it over the exact same outfit. Did I mention you need to buy some booties? The ring I’m wearing is from the airport in Dubai, it wasn’t expensive and it makes me happy every time I put it on and reminds of my amazing time there. Also, can we talk about how amazing this leather fringe is? This is one of those pieces that every time I wear it I get compliments, the best part? It actually keeps me warm!




If you are having trouble sourcing anything, send me a note. Please tag me on Facebook with your fall layering look. I love hearing from readers who’ve been inspired!

As I’ve said before, Fashion Friday is not sponsored, yet. All photos by the amazing Mandy Fisher.


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