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Fashion Friday – Smoking Hot Look for Under $100**

Read Carefully


Today’s outfit is brought to you by the woman I saw walking her dog in the neighborhood this week, and a $100 bill.


The stranger walking her dog was dressed about like I am today. Thinking she looked amazing, I stalked her like the creeper I am and asked where her pants were from. She explained that not only are the Zara, and cheap, but that she had been looking for red pants everywhere and had tried many other designers, they were all inferior to this pair. With expert advice like “random stranger says” I went shopping.  While picking up frames in town today the store owner couldn’t stop talking about how hot I looked (he’s gay, so it’s not that) and I thought – this is a Fashion Friday post! He snapped the photos outside the store, thanks Marcos XOXO.




The Zara Pants are in stock right now, I grabbed them in store yesterday in both red and black, they are $49. The high waist is super flattering for anyone with a belly (so that’s everybody) and they are supposed to be a little flowy above the ankle, unless you are short and then they just fit – viola – no tailoring needed. You can buy on or in stores, or click photo for link.




The top is an old Gap cotton tank top. I wear it for everything, with jean shorts or over a swimsuit. It’s on sale right now for $18. Grab one in every color, you’ll use them all the time. Buy on, because who really wants to go into an actual Gap store? (or click photo for link)


These Sam Edelman’s are my go to shoe for everything. They are on sale on Amazon right now for $87, I bought them in the fall from ShopBop for about twice that. If you use my link, Amazon gives me a shiny quarter for commission. These go with jeans, skirts, the famous leather leggings, you name it. They run a tiny bit big, I put an insert in the heel and they fit great. Buy HERE from Amazon, or click the photo.


**And yes, I realize that if you do the math, the outfit is actually $154 before taxes, but you don’t love me for my math.


I have no affiliation to any of these brands, the only link provided that would make me any cash is the Amazon link, and even then it’s not much. I share the clothes I really own with you as inspiration for all the moms who don’t want to live in Lululemon all the time (just some of the time).


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