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29 September, 2020

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Fashion Friday – The Leggings and Sweater you must have

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I’ve had piles of readers asking when I would be doing Fashion Friday again, I feel so loved that you noticed I stopped. I know, it’s not Friday, but whatever. And I used to pay a photographer for glamour shots, but I think you and I have moved on to the phase in our relationship where you just want the details and don’t really care how I look.

These two pieces just happen to be from Athleta and I wear these constantly and have sent so many links via text to people who have asked about them, I figure I should just do a post. So this is basically a public service announcement for you my darling readers. You need these leggings and sweater, I have worn mine until they are almost falling apart, and I get compliments every time. The best part? They are as comfortable as wearing sweats and a bathrobe, but you look sexy AND they are both half price right now (I paid full price months ago, if I only I had a me in my life).


The cashmere duster

This cashmere duster is basically a fancy robe. I own it in small and it fits a little loose, they have XXS, XS and S left at time of publishing. Click here to buy it from Athleta, the color combo doesn’t show up in search. The sweater is cute with jeans and boots, jeans and heels, tank tops, t-shirts, button downs, you name it. It doubles as a blanket on a flight, and you know that no one has ever sneezed in it and had it repackaged before you used it.

athlete cashmere duster

The leather leggings

I am on day 3 of wearing these leather leggings. They are great for flying (pair with Converse sneakers)  then pop on any top and some heels and BAM it’s a sexy looking outfit. They rarely need to be cleaned and they keep their shape. If I had to live with only one pair of pants for a year, these would be the pair. The best part? They fit like yoga leggings, they’re super flattering on the lower abs (you know what I mean) and don’t need to be altered for us short girls.

At $350 these were a pricey spend when I bought them, and I don’t regret it. They are on sale right now for $135. I own them in a small and they are a little baggy, but oh so amazingly comfortable. They are real leather (hence the price) but they have some give to them and a stretch panel on the backside. Click here to by from Athleta.

luxury travel mom fashion friday athleta leather leggings and cashmere duster 3



So when I flew to Kansas for Chi O Mom’s weekend this week, I wore the pants and sweater. Then it was time to hit the auction and dinner which would be followed by “free beers”. What to wear? The leather leggings, again. But with a pair of heels. My flight was cancelled last night, so guess what I’m wearing right now? You got it.


luxury travel mom fashion friday athleta leather leggings and cashmere duster 2


And if you are wondering how they look when you dance on the bar in a college town, Macie shot a little video of me werking it this weekend.


The Wheel from Kim-MarieEvans on Vimeo.



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