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Fashion Friday – The One Shoe You Need

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It’s true, I’m shoe obsessed. So when Saks recently opened a stand alone shoe store in Greenwich and had a fab opening party with free flowing champagne, you know I was there. So what shoe did I choose for this splashy affair? Peep toe Louboutins? The booties I keep going on about? I paired my fave black Bella Dahl dress with my brand new Adidas Superstars




I’d like to say that I had studied fashion trends and knew that the Superstar was the most liked shoe on Instagram last year to the tune of 80 million likes and that supermodel Gigi Hadid and other supermodels have been snapped in dresses and Superstars. But I didn’t. My back has been out, I can’t wear heels or even booties. I was looking for a sneaker that I could pair with a dress and I remembered seeing Hilary Swank sporting a pair with a cute black dress at the US Open a few months ago. In researching this story for you (yes, I do actually research this stuff) I found that InStyle had covered all the celebs wearing their Adidas Superstars and how they were wearing them. Here a few stolen photos from around the internet of cute looks with Superstars.


screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-6-43-52-am screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-6-42-48-am


Of course they also go with jeans, leggings, I even found them paired with leather pants. These shoes literally go with anything. I walked into the Saks store with all the socialite types teetering in expensive heels and had more than a few people compliment my sneakers. I’d like to say it was a fashion statement, but the sad truth is that I raced to the event after having spent the day in the city taking one of my children to a Broadway show, I picked up the remaining boys, tossed them out in the driveway with a bag of hot dogs I bought in Grand Central and raced to the event.




Don’t believe that sneakers are in? Check them out wedged in between the YSL Tribute and some fab boots. Also, the Tribute is a shoe you really can’t go wrong with, I’ve had mine for several years and they are as sexy as they look and surprisingly easy to walk in. But not as easy as sneakers.


A Guide to Adidas Sneakers


The Stan Smith


These are the originals, originally launched in 1963 and endorsed by tennis player Stan Smith, the shoe has remained unchanged. In the past few years they have been everywhere and sparked the white tennis shoe craze, though they are rarely ever sold out.




The Superstar


This is the shoe you need, trust me. Don’t believe me? Believe Mark Wahlberg. They are often sold out, Macie tried to order a pair from Nordstrom and had to settle for the Stan Smith as the Superstar was sold out in her size, on the Adidas website they only allow you to buy two items at a time. I picked mine up in store at Nordstrom, they’re only $80.




The Gazelle

Already have the Stan Smith’s and the Superstars? Your next purchase (read, my next purchase) is the Gazelle. This is a relaunch of the classic 90’s shoe endorsed by Kate Moss then and now. I love the colors, I’m thinking Burgundy. You can custom make your shoes with 16 color choices and three different leather choices.




This post has not been sponsored or endorsed by Adidas or Mark Wahlberg. I love my shoes and cannot tell you how many compliments I get on a silly pair of $80 sneakers, fashion is funny and makes no sense to me, but they are comfortable and I don’t feel like I’ve sacrificed fashion while my back heals.


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