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Fashion Friday – Transition Wardrobe

Fashion Friday - Transition Wardrobe
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Didn’t know there was a thing called “transition wardrobe”? You’re not alone. I grew up in Seattle and we didn’t have winter clothes, summer clothes, fall clothes, transition clothes – we had clothes. When I moved to Greenwich I learned about transition wear the hard way. I was invited to a charity committee lunch at a woman’s home, she had more staff (in uniform) than guests, we lunched around her pool. Since it was mid-September and still summer hot I thought I would be fancy and wear my Lily Pulitzer (I had just discovered the brand and thought I was so swank). When I tell you that EVERY other woman was dressed in the most impeccable transition looks, I am not joking. They were all in black camisoles and khaki linens and the perfect nude sandals. I looked like Hello Kitty showed up at a Versace party.




I will save you from this humiliation and explain transition clothing to you. If you already know this, I am jealous, I had to learn this the miserably hard way. It’s not just white you shouldn’t wear after Labor Day, it’s all those wonderful bright summer colors. I think you can get away with this in the south, but when hanging with the fashionable, you switch to muted neutrals. The trick here is finding lightweight fabrics and pieces you can layer.


This look is a simple black dress from Bella Dahl, it’s high in the front and low in the back. I bought it in July, but they have a similar dress HERE. It’s light as a feather and can be worn in 90 degree weather. Nude shoes and jewelry give it a fall look, add a scarf when the temperature starts to drop. This dress can take you all the way until Thanksgiving. I pull a cashmere sweater over and wear boots when it really starts to get chilly. The clutch is from Roberta Roller Rabbit, it gives a little color without being summery. I bought this in May for Macie, she left in her room with the tags on, mine now. There is a similar bag HERE. I honestly can’t remember who makes the shoes, I wear them all the time, the low heel is key. Here’s a link to similar strappy shoes at Nordstrom.






Shot in Brooklyn, photo credit Mandy Fisher, not sponsored. 



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