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Fashion Friday – my new series

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This is a new segment on Luxury Travel Mom based on all the requests I get for “What to Wear”. I will still be doing packing advice for various resorts and activities but want to add a little fashion inspiration to your life. Because who doesn’t need fashion inspiration? Ryan Gosling probably doesn’t, but the rest of us could use a little help.


Who said being a mother of four and turning 49 means that you have to start shopping for sensible shoes and stretchy pants? I’ll show you pants that are stretchy, but don’t look it, and sky high heels, that you can actually walk in.



From top to bottom:


If your sunglasses are outdated, you look older than you need to. Pick up a new pair, these Ray-Bans are brand new this season, I love the purple lenses. They’re edgy but not like I’m trying too hard. Unless you ask my teenage daughter, but I don’t.


A good leather jacket is a must have. Don’t think you can wear leather? You can, you just need to choose the right pieces this Joie jacket is new for spring. It’s butter soft and a shade of baby blue that is universally flattering. Less “rock star”, more “rock star’s manager”.






Fun jewelry make every outfit sing. Add some long necklaces to your collection, wear them with jeans and t-shirts or wear them with a sundress. Even with your hair in a pony tail you’ll feel pulled together with some swingy jewelry.




Tank tops are the perfect shirt in my opinion. This graphic tank goes under a leather jacket for a look I can wear to meetings it can also go over a bikini and a pair of shorts. It’s the perfect travel piece.


Get jeans that fit. I know, it’s a miserable process, I try on at least 20 pair to find one I like. This pair are from L’Agence, I like that they stop at the ankle with a little zipper, they look less “mom-ish” and the fabric has some nice stretch. I finally threw out every pair of jeans that I don’t feel amazing in. What’s the point of putting on something that you don’t feel good about? Because you already spent the money? Toss them girl, better to wear the same pair every day than to wear the outdated saggy ones. I know you have them, we all do.




Shoes. Oh how I love shoes. They make or break an outfit. This pair are from last year, they are Stuart Weitzman platform wedges. The heel is at least four inches and I hoofed it through Grand Central, the subway, all over Brooklyn for this shoot and back again, not a single sore spot. I am not lying to you.


This is my “I have no idea what to do with my face look.” Hope you like the new addition to Luxury Travel Mom, I’ll be posting fashion inspiration every Friday!







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