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Mission Trip Fashion Friday

Mission Trip Fashion Friday
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How can it be Friday again? Since last week my oldest graduated from high school and I have busily packed myself and two of my boys for Haiti. I’ve also packed her for college, the youngest for a trip to Seattle for Cousin Camp and all of us to get away to our summer house. I have ascended to some level of packing previously only achieved by the military and Kim Kardashian’s assistants.


To that end, today’s Fashion Friday is about making a difference. None of us can change the world, not even Angelina Jolie. But if we all pick our small spot in the world, we can all make a small difference, all those small differences can add up to make a big one.


Years ago I read Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder and started my slow, small march to helping. I encourage you to read it, even if you don’t care about Haiti, it’s a great read. I also learned this week that one of my favorite artists, Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis have a project called 30/30 and part of their ticket sales go to support the project, one of their partners is Partners in Health. The subject of the book and my partner in building schools in Haiti. It is indeed a small world.


What can you do? The first gift that my charity, Educating Haiti, is giving is a laptop for the director of L’ecole Perfection in Haiti. I’m currently packing to take two of my boys and a group of kids from my church to visit. Have an old laptop or iPad you’d like to donate? If you get it to me by July 1st, I’ll deliver it and send you a photo.


Fashion Friday will be back next week, but for this week, I’m busy packing malaria pills and comfortable shoes.







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