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Fashion Friday – Mother’s Day special edition

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What do we really want for Mother’s Day? A silk robe, fabulous shoes and a nap.


These are a few of my favorite things. Most of them will make it to you (or mom) in time. If you are shopping on Mother’s Day because you are pissed that no one got you what you really wanted, order away girl, you deserve it.



Beverly Hills Hotel Silk Robe



Beverly Hills hotel dressing gown



By now you likely know that occasionally a hotel robe “accidentally” comes home with me. But this robe I purchased and take on every trip. It’s easy to pack, even has its own pouch, and is the perfect thing to slip on after a long day. Hilariously, it is called a “Dressing Gown” and is marketed for both men and women, perhaps I should add to my Father’s Day shopping story?  Not getting to the hotel anytime soon? Buy it online HERE.



The Perfect Digital Frame – Aura Frames


aura digital frame perfect way to share photos digitally


Remember when digital frames first came out and we were all like, “wow, that is crazy technology!” Then a year later we thought it was lame? Digital frames are back and this one is better than the rest. How do I know? I have bought the others. Here is why I like the Aura Frame better: It has an app so you can super easily send photos (millennial don’t use e-mail), you can set it up for less tech savvy moms (love you Gram) before you send it to them and all they have to do is plug it in, and it is actually pretty. I have the rose gold version but I think I’m going to get this limited edition sea glass one also.


If you buy before Thursday you will get it on Mother’s Day – use this link  LTM Aura Frame  –  you get $50 off and they pay me a little commission (girl needs shoe money).  Don’t worry, I don’t promote what I don’t love, and I love this frame. And I have bought way too many of the crappier ones.




Bill Gates’ Favorite Book – Factfulness:



mothers day ideas




I read somewhere that this was Bill Gates’ favorite book and I was intrigued. I mean, that’s a HUGE statement to make. So I bought it, read it in two days and have recommended it to every single person who has been unlucky enough to sit near me in the last few weeks. I’m not even going to describe it to you, it will change your worldview, trust me, and trust Bill Gates. He talks about it with Business Insider.

Buy it HERE.




Leadership Box – For Badass Women


leadership box



I met Rachel last week at a conference. She led a mind bending session that changed the way I think about myself, my blog and my future. I know, right? She also has this awesome subscription service. I haven’t bought one yet, but believe me I got all up her in stuff to check it out. The handbag was nice, not cheap and cheesy and her other choices were solid. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right gift for mom, or yourself, or a graduate. You can subscribe, or just buy one box.



Leader Ship Box is a quarterly subscription box service that combines professional development and fashion into one. Our boxes contain a new stylish handbag, a book authored by a Lady Leader, a professional development guide, and other amazing items centered around lifestyle and professional success. Membership has it’s benefits, as subscribers will have access to online quarterly Success Calls (conference calls), virtual workshops and bookclubs, a network of women, and benefit from our affiliate programs. Conferences and workshops will feature a powerhouse female professional, which we call Lady Leaders, in the fields of beauty, fashion, tech, marketing, healthcare and more. Check it out HERE.



Sexiest Shoes You Will Own – And Can Actually Walk In – Sam Edelman Oran Mules



high heeled black sam Edelman mule is perfect shoe



These Sam Edelman Oran Mules are the perfect shoe, they have a high sexy heel, but they are as comfortable as slippers. Ok, that’s a total exaggeration, slippers are life, but these shoes are a lot more comfortable than you would expect. I wear them with jeans, the famous leather leggings and gorgeous dress pants.  Never a dress. Never. Because I don’t have these legs, but if you do, buy all means, flaunt them girl. Buy from  Zappos or Shopbop.  They are on sale on both sites but still full priced at Net a Porter and Sam Edelman. You’re welcome.



NUXE Dry Oil – Why The French are Sexier


NUXE Dry Oil from France for hair, face and body


For nearly two decades, Nuxe’s Multi-Purpose Dry Oil has been the secret behind many French women’s shiny hair and glowing skin. It’s not easy to find in the United States, almost impossible in fact. Mrs. O brought me a sample from London, it use it on my hair both before and after I blow it dry. I use it on my face, on my hands, you name it. It’s so light, it smells amazing, and it really is worthy of its global rep. I spent hours online looking for the best price and found the site, right now they are giving away really fabulous travel kits full of other NUXE products I now cannot live without. It can be tempting to buy it on Amazon for free shipping, but it’s WAY more expensive. So unless you are going to Paris soon, buy it HERE.



These are not free things people give me to hawk on my site, there are a few affiliate links in the story, because making money is awesome. I want to hear from you if you try these, love them, or have other great ideas to suggest. 



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