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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week-Red Dress Collection 2014

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week-Red Dress Collection 2014
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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

At Lincoln Center

Fashion Week in New York just defines “in the know” and “uber chic”. I was thrilled to get an invite from Mercedes Benz and She Buys Cars to attend the Red Dress Collection show this week. This wasn’t your typical show, as in, Anna Wintour was not in the front row and it wasn’t just one designer. A collection of celebrities, former celebrities and pseudo celebrities (Dr. Oz’s daughter?) strutted the runway in red dresses by different designers all to bring awareness to women’s heart health. PSA: Heart diseases kills one in three women. Take care of yourselves ladies.

Wondering what it’s like inside the tents of Fashion Week? I was too. Going to a show has been on my bucket list for a while. Here’s my inside scoop.

What to wear. It turns out I worried about my “look” far more than I should have. There is a LOT of black, it is New York, and plenty of boots. I had a pair of Jimmy Choos that had been waiting patiently in my closet since Christmas and decided this was the perfect place to wear them. I wore my Tieks to the show and switched in to these hot sexy numbers once I was there.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

My teen daughter has been harassing me to wear this backless number for years (yes, it’s been in my closet that long). I bought some sticky boobs so I could go braless and then froze my a#$ off walking the streets of New York. Suffering for fashion.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

You have to have a ticket to even get in the door. How to get a ticket? Well, you don’t , you get invited. I was invited by She Buys Cars and Mercedes Benz. Here is some great advice on scoring an invite from New York Fashion Week Live. This is the time to work every connection you have, or to volunteer at the event. Info on how to do this is on the Fashion Week Live link.

What to expect:


I was lucky to be in the press room where we had snacks and free cocktails. Yes, I have a recipe for you. It’s the Gold Rush, made with whiskey if you can believe it, and SO tasty.


The shows are WAY shorter than you imagine them to be. The music is great, the energy is high and once you are in you can sort of lurk around and people watch. And let’s talk about the people watching.


A few highlights of the show were Joan van Ark, who didn’t love Knots Landing? She rocked the runway.


Jill Hennessy from Law and Order was all class with her natural hair. Does EVERYONE have extensions these days?


If you don’t know who this next fashionista is, ask your kids. Victoria Justice from Disney’s “Victorious” is a perennial favorite in our house and I now have street cred with Keaton. She’s mixed in with the party crowd here. Which included Joan Jett, whom I adore, but didn’t look her best that night.


But my favorite part of the show was Lindsey Vonn making her way down the runway on crutches to the sound of cheers and shouts. She pulled out of contention for this year’s Olympics due to a knee injury. According to USA Today she might not even watch the downhill event as it could be too emotional. Here is video of her “walk”.

My daughter is an Alpine racer and I hold Lindsey up as a great example of what a powerful woman athlete can be. If you haven’t read her interview in Self magazine about How to be Fearless, read it now, and share it with your daughter. She took criticism for calling some women “skinny fat”, but she’s right. We should be teaching our daughter’s that it’s about what your body can do, not how it looks.


So thanks to Tieks for the little red shoes to celebrate Heart Health month and to Mercedes Benz and She Buys Cars for making me feel like a supermodel. Oh, and to Mr. LTM for the Jimmy Choos, they really enjoyed their night out.


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