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The “It” Spring Bag You Need

kim-marie Evans
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The circle is everywhere, it started with the straw bags (if all you need to carry is  one lipstick) and the shape has taken over every brand this season. I have gotten so many compliments on this new circle leather tote I thought I’d do a quick #FashionFriday on it. I bought it in Madrid at And Other Stories. Not familiar with the store? It’s a Scandinavian brand, owned by H&M, but the clothes are not junk. Each store has it’s own style, Paris vs. LA, etc. They sell a lot online, but not everything. Here’s a great backgrounder on the brand from Elle Magazine.  The bag I bought in Spain is not available online, but a smaller version of it is. Click HERE.


A few options you can get in the US are this Ted Baker bag for $249.99. and this Sole Society version at Nordstrom’s for only $59.95. Chanel, Gucci, everyone is doing a circle bag but I wouldn’t buy a classic bag in such a trendy shape. I’ve been carrying my leather circle bag for a week now and have literally been stopped on the street and asked about it, it was $149 (actually euros, but let’s not do the conversion). When the circle trend wanes, as trends always do, I won’t mind letting it go. If you hop on the And Other Stories site, check out the Kimono Wrap Mini Dress, it’s $99, online only in the US and Macie has it in several colors, it’s the most flattering shape, it’s lined and really well made.




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