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Luxury Travel Holiday Gift Guide – Huge Discounts on My Favorite Things (just for you)

Luxury Travel Holiday Gift Guide - Huge Discounts on My Favorite Things (just for you)
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Yes, I’m that person who starts listening to Christmas carols before Halloween. My cards have been printed since September and it’s only because no one is selling live Christmas trees yet that my house isn’t fully decorated.

But the biggest excitement I have for this year is the first ever

Luxury Travel Mom Kick Ass Holiday Gift Guide

This is not just a list, this is a list of some of my favorite things and includes discounts for Luxury Travel Mom readers ONLY.

I know, you’re excited too.

#1 Dressage Collection Luggage and Bags -30-50% off


I am obsessed with these bags. I received this super stylish carry on from Dressage Collection for review and have been using it for every trip since. The bags aren’t just gorgeous, notice the equestrian styling and smart good looks? They are super functional. These bags are the perfect in between from a Brookstone rolly and an LV case. I have both, the Brookstone is not stylish and I live in mortal fear that some cranky flight attendant will tell me that there’s no overhead space and take my gorgeous Louis and make it fraternize with the Samsonite down below.

These babies retail for $795 but with the code LuxuryTravelMom50 you will get 50% off. I’m serious. Pick your jaw up off the floor now.


Their carry alls are even more gorgeous and useful. This leather bag is as stylish as my Goyard, yet it has interior and exterior pockets so the all important passport, boarding pass and lipsticks don’t end up swimming in a pile at the bottom of the bag. It also closes at the top so when you’re running the bag through the scanner everything doesn’t fall out. These are more expensive than the Louis, less than the Goyard, discounted just for you.

They retail at $ 1,395 use the code LuxuryTravelMom30 for a 30% discount. Seriously, this is the gift of the season in my opinion. You can use the 30% off code for any of the bags in the Bridle Collection.

#2 Flytographer – $50 off

My favorite travel souvenir is photographs. Not the kind you get from handing a stranger your iPhone in bad lighting, the kind you get when you hire a professional through Flytographer. I loved this one from our day in Charleston last summer so much that I made it our Christmas card. And you thought I was joking about having my cards done in September.


Packages start at $250 and make great gifts. I bought my brother a photo session for his birthday so he can get cute family pics with my favorite niece and nephew. Use code LTMHoliday for $50 off your purchase.

#3 Letarte Swimwear and Cashmere – 10 %off

I get more comments every time I post a photo wearing anything from Letarte. From the skull pants I wore on horseback to the cashmere topper I wear on the plane, Letarte has super stylish boho clothes for the fashionista. Also, when you are planning a warm weather vacation in the dead of winter, don’t expect to find super cute swimsuits at the mall.

Use code Mahalo for 10% off your purchase.

Luxury Travel Mom Kim-Marie Evans

Pants by LeTarte

#4 Dickens Lite by Jesse Kornbluth – $9.00

If you have not had the good fortune to meet my dear friend the Head Butler, you really need to subscribe to his blog. He publishes the very best advice on what to read, what to listen to and why. Every time I read his site, I feel smarter. Jesse has been a contributing editor for Vanity Fair, New York and Architectural Digest, and a contributor to The New Yorkers. For the season he has taken the classic tale “A Christmas Carol” by Dickens and edited to a form you can actually read to your children without putting all of you to sleep.

You can buy the paperback on Amazon for $9 or get the Kindle version. No discount code needed. My gift to you is an introduction to the brilliance that is Jesse Kornbluth.

Larger Dickens cover

#5 EMME Travel Cosmetics Bag – 25% off the SALE price!

I have written about this bag at length and several of you have already ordered it. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the frequent traveler in your life, or for yourself, I love this bag. It’s the perfect cosmetics bag. I have been using it for 6 months now and love it more every time I go on the road with it.


Use code LTM for a 25% discount at Bag is on sale for $49, you get the discount on top of that. Seriously.

#6 Heucy Dresses – 20% 0ff

This little black dress has been my go to for every trip in the recent past. It rolls in to a little ball, doesn’t wrinkle, comes out stylish and sexy. I wear it with a belt and scarf to dress it down, sexy heels and big necklace for a night out. It has the perfect stretchy fabric that gives and makes me look and feel like a super model. These clothes are the brainchild of Suwha Hong who worked for famed designer Cynthia Steffe. These are no run of the mill travel clothes, they are gorgeous pieces that just happen to travel well.


The  sizes run very true, I wear a small. Use code LTMOM20 for 20% off at This is a great time to treat yourself since you’ve been doing all this shopping for everyone else, just saying.

#6 iomoi Stationery – 20% off


I have been obsessed with this site for years. I buy gifts for everyone (including myself) during all seasons. I used them for my change of address cards, I buy all my personal stationery, I order monogrammed gifts for friends. I dare you to go on this site and not lose your mind and want to buy everything. Use code HOLIDAY2014 for 20% off orders over $100, code only good until Nov. 30. This is a code anyone can use, my gift to use is the introduction to this amazing site.

#7  Amazing Auction Items to Gift and to Support Children in War Torn Regions


My darling friend Shiva is on the board of Blossom Hill Foundation which is a 501c3 grant-making foundation focused on assisting war-affected children in conflict regions around the world.  To break the cycle of violence in these regions, the Foundation supports organizations that engage and empower these vulnerable children as leaders in the reconstruction of their lives and communities.

This however is not just any auction, she has managed to put together some of the most fabulous items I have seen at almost any gala. Think tickets to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, Meet the Cast of Morning Joe, etc. AND you’d be doing good.


Bid HERE, auction closes December 1. The funds support an amazing cause, and what better gift than something you can’t buy? SNL Dress Reharsal tickets anyone?

#8 Animalz Headphones – No Discount – (but well priced)

Keaton insisted I add these to the list. He LOVES these headphones we received for review. Not only do they keep his ears warm, but the cord is retractable and the volume is safe for little ears. He inherited my old iPhone and now wanders around the house singing the Wicked soundtrack as loud as he can with his bear headphones on. That alone is a holiday gift. These can be purchased at big box retailers like Toys R Us and Best Buy for about $ 19.99. They are a great stocking stuffer for the littlest luxury traveler on your list.


So merry merry to all of my lovely readers. I hope you enjoy this season as much as I do. I enjoyed curating this list and these deals for you. All of these products are tried and true favorites and I know you’ll love them too.



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