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Review – Kid Kit Travel Cases

Review - Kid Kit Travel Cases
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Kid Kit Custom Travel Cases Family Travel

I was recently asked to review the new Kid Kit custom travel cases, as you know I don’t often do reviews, but look how cute these are.

Currently I am on the road at least every two weeks, the first month of 2013 I only spent four nights in my own bed. I am often asked “how do you do it?” Um, not very well it turns out. On the last three trips I took with my kids, I forgot their toiletries. Sometimes I forget my own, but it seems I almost always forget theirs. The worst part is, they couldn’t care less, they’d rather not shower or brush their teeth, nasty little beasts.

Kid Kit custom travel cases

Enter Kid Kit, it arrived at my house, pre-packed with everything dirty boys need when traveling. They even fill them with stuff boys love, SpongeBob and Spider Man. I could tell you that my boys loved them, but really they couldn’t care less. This just meant I would force them to brush their teeth, something they think should be verboten on vacation.

Things I love about the Kid Kit:

The cases are super perky and fit well in my suitcase. Notice the train case is half as tall as other train cases, it slides easily in to the side pouch of your suitcase.

The pre-packed airplane kit is my new obsession. It came in with Purell, tissues and lavender wipes. It stays in my purse now. Why didn’t I think of this? Oh yeah, I forget my kids’ toothbrush. Never mind.

Kid Kit travel cases for family travel

The bags are washable. No matter how hard you try, there will always be a shampoo explosion in your bag at some point, these clean up nicely.

Things I wish they would do:

Sell pre-packaged clear pouches with just toothbrush and toothpaste for boys and girls.

Sell lots of other pre-packed smaller bags. I would love to just do a one click order. The website gives you lots of choices to customize your kit. I don’t want choices, I want someone to pack a bag, send it to my house and tell my boys they have to brush their teeth or they will fall out.

My brilliant idea.

After my last trip I left the toiletry bag IN my son’s suitcase. Voila, we won’t forget it next time. Unless he picks a different suitcase and I don’t remember.

You can buy Kid Kits at I was sent the cases for review purposes, I was not compensated for my post. I think these would make a great gift for any Traveling Mom.


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