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Tieks – My New Shoe Obsession

tieks shoe obsession flat shoes
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You might be surprised to hear that my new favorite shoe doesn’t sport a four inch heel. It’s probably because all of my other shoes do that I love these so much. If you’ve ever traveled with me, you know that I have a shoe problem. I once shared a hotel room with Kim Orlando, who mocked my travel shoe collection in a video. It’s still the first thing that comes up when you google me.

Growing up I had one pair of shoes, I couldn’t get knew ones until the old ones wore out. Sometimes I would drag my toes on the ground for miles while riding my bike in the hopes of ushering in a new pair. Too bad Sears made such tough shoes. Now I have a whole closet dedicated to my shoes and I love them like Jessica Simpson loves Oreos.

The downside of tottering around on sky high heels all the time is well, blisters, bunions, and basically sore feet.

Enter Tieks-they were one of Oprah’s Favorite Things so already I was smitten. I’m easy to impress.

Tieks Tieks Tieks travel shoes

“Click your heels together three times”

They fold to the size of a man’s wallet and come with their own little bag for travel. They are as stylish as any designer flat and honestly comfortable to wear all day, and then some.

I decided to swap their bag for one of my own shoe bags, they fit easily in to my travel tote. When I finally cry uncle after running through airports and doing hotel tours in my tarty little stilettos I switch in to the Tieks. I bought them a little large since by the time I need them, my feet are usually swollen. They have a real sole so they are actually comfortable to walk in. They look snazzy and are certainly better than what I used to do when my feet hurt – go barefoot. The Ruby Reds actually seem to go with everything, it’s true, red is the new neutral.


Tieks Tieks Tieks Tieks Travel Shoes

My travel bag explosion yesterday in Charleston

I’ve added Tieks to my must have travel items and even throw them in my bag when I head in to New York City. If you love stilettos, you’ll love Tieks.

I was not compensated for this post, I think they are well worth the price (about $195 per pair) and highly recommend them for any high heel lovin’ mama. I received my Tieks as a gift from a blog fan – what have you done for me lately?



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