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No time for sick days? Me neither. Vick’s sponsored this amazing ski guide that has great advice about where to ski, what to pack, how to stay gorgeous on the mountain, and of course, how to keep going even if you’re not feeling your best.



As a travel writer and magazine editor, my job is to travel the world and share crazy adventures with my readers.


I’m an avid, skier, tennis player, wannabe surfer, mother to four and willing to try anything once.


Getting sick is not an option, especially when I’m overseas with no access to my doctor or a local pharmacy. There are a few things I always pack; a swimsuit, running shoes and Vick’s DayQuil Severe.


Whether I’m riding horses with my daughter in Grand Cayman




Surfing in Nicaragua




Playing tennis with Tracy Austin in Antigua




Or skiing with my kids at our local mountain in Vermont




I’m the one who can’t take a sick day. When I’m with my kids, they count on me to take care of them and when I’m traveling alone I can’t exactly “call in sick” when I’m snorkeling in the Maldives. (I know, it’s hard to feel sorry for me) But being sick away from home is the worst which is why I rely on NyQuil Severe so I can get a good night’s sleep, manage my symptoms, and get up for first chair, first boat out or the last run in.




This post was sponsored by Vick’s – full disclosure – my family has already used the entire bottle they sent us – it really works.


What’s New?


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