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What to Wear to Disney

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Headed to Disneyworld, Disneyland or on a Disney Cruise?


Not sure what to wear?


I’ve got you covered. It’s not easy, you need to be:  Comfortable, able to walk for hours, ride rides and still look good.


Why? Because these photos last forever mama and I do not want to hear that you ducked out on being in the picture because you looked like a wreck.



What to Wear on a Disney Cruise



Though the days are casual, you’ll want to dress up a little for dinner and the shows. Also, VERY IMPORTANT – you’ll want gear for Pirate Night. Pirate Night is an all out deck party with show, fireworks and special pirate food. It falls on different nights depending on the cruise itinerary. You’ll find Disney regulars will have packed costumes for the kids and some adults even go full Jack Sparrow. No room for extra stuff? No worries, your stateroom attendant will drop off pirate themed bandanas the night of the party, that is all some people wear. They also sell pirate gear in the gift shop for kids.  And yes, they sell pirate costumes for Duffy.


what to wear Disney cruise


What to Pack (in a duffel bag NOT a suitcase) for your Disney Cruise



Pack for a Disney Cruise


Pack more than one swimsuit, trust me, putting on a damp suit never feels good.


A cute cover up. Days onboard are lazy and a swimsuit and coverup are all you need.


Each cruise itinerary is different, check your ports of call for what you’ll want to wear each day. Did I mention you’ll want comfortable flip flops for walking? I wear Birkenstocks, in case you were unaware, they are cool again.


Sun shirt for you and the kids, nothing worse than getting a burn on a cruise. If you do, wear the sun shirt until it feels better, but if you wear it early, you’ll never get a burn. They sell aloe in the sundries shop on board, no need to pack.


Disney Cruise


Work out clothes and running shoes. The gym onboard is really amazing and the workout classes are fab. Also, there is a Castaway Cay 5k you might want to run, it’s easy and fun.



Kids are allowed to wear costumes at Disney Parks, grown ups are not. I know, right? The year we surprised the kids with a Disney Cruise for Christmas, Keaton also got a custom made Ewok costume.  Santa’s elves found an old Butterick pattern from the 1970’s on eBay and made this for him. The cast members on the cruise were begging to get pictures taken with him, which was hysterical.


The cabins are tight and there isn’t much space for luggage, especially if there are a pile of you. I’m a big fan of the LL Bean Duffel Bags, they roll, we get them monogrammed and they have lasted for years.


What to wear Disney

Disney Cruise



What to Wear to the Disney Parks



Disney packing list


Light cotton sundresses are my go to. I look like I’m dressed nicer than I actually am. I stay cool and comfortable and don’t look frumpy in photos. These kid pics are a fail, never pack white shirts for your kids, they always get dirty and you can’t wear them twice.


Disney packing list


A big tote. You will inevitably be carrying sunscreen, water bottles, snacks and then every random souvenir you get talked into buying. Again, LL Bean is always my go to, buy the one with the zip close top for rides and an outer pocket to stash your phone for quick access.


Comfortable shoes. I have made the mistake of wearing cute shoes far too many times. Don’t be me. Now that Birks are cool again, they are my go to. Also, Stan Smiths are fashion, and you can walk for miles in them. Don’t believe me? Read the article from Vogue: “Pretty Ugly, Why Vogue Girls Have Fallen for the Birkenstock”


But to quote “Crazy Stupid Love” unless you are the billionaire owner of Apple computers, you have no right to wear New Balance sneakers ever.


What to Wear Disney


What to Pack for the Kids for Disney


Disney Packing List


It’s tempting to let them pack their crappy t-shirts and sports shorts. But again, these pictures last forever. I went a little crazy with Keaton and Wilson and apparently packed nothing but matching clothes for several trips. They will thank me later, I’m sure of it. But of course, the most important thing is COMFORTABLE SHOES. And again, dark colors are better, because, ice cream.


Disney Packing list

Disney Packing List

Disney Packing List

Disney Packing List


For the Kids:


More than one swimsuit (and Ziploc bags to for wet suits on the way home).


More than one pair of shoes – it doesn’t matter how comfortable they are, after hiking the parks for hours their feet will hurt, switching shoes the next day helps.


Dark t-shirts and Tide to Go pens.


A sweatshirt for cold nights watching fireworks.


Cheap sunglasses, they will get lost on a ride, they always do.


For Mom:


Cute comfortable cotton sundresses


Athleisure skirts, I love the cotton ones from Athleta, they look stylish, but they are as comfortable as pajamas.


Multiple pairs of comfortable shoes.


More than one pair of sunglasses, trust me.


A big tote.


A light rain jacket if you are heading to Florida in the winter. I have been caught in multiple showers and thought “sweet, everyone will leave and the lines will be short.” That doesn’t happen, people buy parkas and stay.


When you dress like a schlump – this is NOT a framer:



When you pack cute clothes – framer:



The Pics You’ll Keep Forever:




Pro – tip: Buy the Photopass, they take great photos AND you will actually be in them. Be sure to download them from the website though, Disney only keeps them for a short time. Make sure your kids all have the Photopass on their MagicBands or tickets so if they aren’t with you, you still get their photos.


I’m always happy to answer any and all Disney questions, I love the parks, the cruises, Adventures by Disney, all of it. These are some of my family’s favorite memories which is why I care so much about how the photos turn out. Also, comfort is KEY, I have hobbled to the hotel too many nights regretting my cute shoe choices.





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