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12 May, 2019


Flytographer New York Fashion Street Photography

Flytographer New York Fashion Street Photography
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Flytographer New York City

It seems that some of the most iconic images of glamour were street shots. Think Audrey Hepburn outside the window of Tiffany’s. The weekly collage of street style photos that run in the New York Times newspaper. Now imagine you could be in those gracefully shot type of high fashion street shots ala yesteryear.

Flytographer has created a whole new model of vacation photography. First of all, you don’t need to be on vacation, second, the photos are anything but posed and “Christmas Card” looking.


I’ve been accused by my husband of being a “memory hoarder”. It’s true, I have more shoe boxes and hard drives full of family photos than I care to admit to. I’m currently battling the temptation to buy a new laptop just so I don’t have to manage my storage. As a photographer, for both work and pleasure, I’m rarely seen in the photos. If it weren’t for vacation photographers like Brilliant by TropicalImaging in Turks and Caicos, my darling friend Kirsten Alana, our family portrait photographer Jeffrey Shaw, or Disney’s Photo Pass, I might be hard pressed to prove these darling children even have a mother.

Flytographer New York City

Flytopgrapher currently has amazing photographers on every continent. You can hire them to capture a surprise engagement, a romantic baby moon in Paris or simply a day in the city with your daughter and her friends.

My little girl turned 16 last week. Why yes, I did have her at 12, thank you for asking. I surprised her and her two very best friends with a photo session with one of Flytographer’s best, Johnny Wolf. In addition to taking amazing pictures, he also acted as a de facto tour guide. Nicole, founder of Flytographer, says that is one of the best things about their service, the photographers are all locals and can take you to the best spots for photos as well as for lunch.

Flytographer New York City

Johnny made her hold my hand, she might say no to me, but somehow he convinced her. I love this photo. She might pretend she’s too cool for mom, but clearly she’s not.

Flytographer New York City

They capture moments big and small, but it seems it’s usually the small moments that really tell the story.

How does it work?

Book online at Flytographer
Choose a package (30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours) – the prices include all of the digital downloads
You’ll receive a Shoot Scoop with all the details
Leave your camera at home and enjoy

Flytographer New York City

Our photo session was compliments of Flytographer. The girls loved their photos so much they have actually posted them on their own social media. Not the one of us holding hands. That was not approved. Too bad, it’s mama’s site.



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