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Ask KM – Disney Aulani, Leather Jackets and More

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Have a burning question about travel, fashion or how to ferberize your husband? Ask KM.

Hi KM,

I’m single mother of a 8 year old daughter and a 9 month old son.  We live in the D.C. area and my daughter has been dying to go to Hawaii.  Just my luck, my daughter has expensive taste.  LOL.  Anyway, I’m not sure if I should go the resort route or stay at Disney’s Aulani Resort.  I’m worried about costs but I want my baby to enjoy herself too.  What’s your advice for a trip to Hawaii?



Dear Gentle Reader (I’ve always wanted to write that)

I have to say that for a mom traveling alone with a 9 month old, Aulani really is your best bet. The zero entry pools are easy for babies to navigate and your 8 year old can do as many laps on the water slide as she wants while you and babe splash nearby. Also, there are cocktails. The whole pool area is well designed for just your situation. The child care is included and the kids program is so fun my son begged to go, you could send the 8 year old and you might actually get to nap when the baby naps. I get the need to keep costs in line, they are running a fall special that looks good, check Disney Aulani website. Also, there are grocery stores nearby, I always stock up on things like cheerios, granola bars and juice boxes to avoid spending a fortune on resort meals. I would also check around for discount sites, I’ve heard great things about Costco Travel. Please write back and let me know how it goes.

This is a photo I shot from my balcony, you can see that the pool complex isn’t giant, I would sit top right, it’s zero entry, the water slide empties into it. In the middle you can see that they have a little lagoon for kids to snorkel with reef fish without being in the open water and Keaton is watching me write this and wants me to tell you that “the lazy river is REALLY fun!”


Hey KM,

I love the leather jacket you wore in Fashion Friday last week. I think I saw it on sale at Saks, is it the Fifi? Also, what size are you wearing in the photo?



Dear Fashion Maven,

Good eye, I just checked and yes,  the jacket I JUST bought for $998 is in fact on sale for $598. I am wearing a small, I think I could have gone extra small but I wanted to have room if I decide to wear a sweater underneath it this winter. And now I want my $400 back.


Dear KM,

I’m so excited to be heading to Curtain Bluff after winning your Big Birthday Giveaway last September. Tell me, how dressed up does everyone get for dinner?



Dear Alexis,

You are going to have the VERY best time. I will tell you that most people dress “beach chic” for dinner. It’s definitely not shorts and t-shirts, but it’s not cocktail attire either. I’m attaching some photos from our stays there so you can see. I usually wear a long beachy dress to the cocktail party at Chelle’s house and then on any given night for dinner a little sundress with sandals. I always pack heels and then never wear them! I’m always too impatient to wait for the shuttle up to the party and it’s a pretty steep hill.



Whatever you do, do NOT take fashion advice from General Manager Rob Sherman. You can tell him I told you so.



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